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Donovan ErskineNov 26, 2020
Dirt 5 is a departure from earlier entries in the series, as it goes full arcade racer. That’s to its credit though, as the actual racing is satisfying and exciting. This means that the vehicles and their customization options feel a bit shallow, which could disappoint some fans. Thanks to an incredible Playgrounds mode and some pretty next-gen visuals, Dirt 5 is a solid offering from Developer Codemasters.
James DavieNov 08, 2020
DIRT 5 is superb and will quench the thirst of anybody who believes racing games have become too sim-heavy and boring. Some will lament the lack of true rallying and the ostentatious Americanised presentation but why complain when you can fully embrace the arcade richness on display here. Simply put, DIRT 5 is excellent and will leave you craving for more – now go out and there and drink it up.
Ken McKownNov 02, 2020
DiRT 5 feels like a game that is built to showcase new hardware. Still, if players stick with the frame rate mode it works just fine on the last generation as well. I cannot wait to dig in once I get my Series X, but even on One X this game is truly a looker. The game play feels fantastic, it just feels like a game that will showcase better on more powerful hardware.
Mehrdad KhayyatNov 04, 2020
Putting it all together, Dirt 5 is a content-rich, diverse arcade racing game that is unlike anything else among racing titles of this year. Codemasters’ new direction in the Dirt franchise might not be what veteran off-road enthusiasts would’ve expected. Still, Dirt 5 accomplishes its mission of expanding to a broader audience with engaging arcade-y gameplay, and sets the series off on an exciting new path.
Jason D'AprileNov 02, 2020
Whether on current-gen or the next-gen, Dirt 5 is a robust and entertaining racer worth checking out. Dirt 5 is out on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia on November 6. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game will launch "later" in 2020. It will feature a free upgrade from the current-gen to next-gen.
Richard SeagraveNov 02, 2020
The dirt being thrown up by tyres realistically accumulating on your vehicle until it’s a mess only adds to spectacle of it all. This is a showy game, but one that also has perfectly-honed physics, making it challenging but accessible to all. And while some of that magic is lost when you make your way into Playgrounds, the sheer creativity it offers is more than enough compensation.
Nathan GibsonNov 02, 2020
Although Dirt 5 is very different from previous entries in the series, it’s still a great racer that embraces its arcade approach with a vibrant art style, fun game modes, and joyful gameplay.
Elton JonesNov 02, 2020
DiRT 5 ends up being a quality feature-rich racer for current- and next-gen console owners. My only criticisms of the game come from its supremely unfun Sprint car races and unnecessary use of famous voice actors for its Career Mode. All in all, DiRT 5 excels as an arcade racer that feels like a natural evolution of DiRT 3 and DiRT: Showdown.
Neil WattonNov 08, 2020
DIRT 5 on Xbox One isn’t the best DIRT title there has ever been but it definitely deserves a place in the line-up. Just involve yourself in the racing, forget about the faff, and you’ll be sure to have a jolly good time.
Andy MansonNov 05, 2020
Dirt 5 feels like a game designed for the new generation of consoles, but there’s still plenty here for those not upgrading in the short-term. Whilst it has some technical issues and frustrating AI, the driving is as solid as ever, Playgrounds is a great new addition and there are some genuinely stunning moments to be experienced. It’s one of the best rally games in recent memory and I can’t wait to try it on a new platform.
Richard WalkerNov 10, 2020
In short, DIRT 5 is undoubtedly Codemasters' best racing game yet - a spectacular series entry that straddles the outgoing and incoming generations with jaw-dropping visuals and a sense of pure fun that's impossible to escape. A fantastic game, there are few racers that thrill and delight in equal measure like this one.
Chris WhiteNov 02, 2020
Dirt 5 is an excellent rally racer offering plenty of race modes and car classes to choose from. The Career mode is engaging, and the presentation is gorgeous.
Brodie GibbonsNov 02, 2020
Dirt 5 isn’t at all the game I thought it would be. Far from a clinical rally sim, what it is is a simple, fun off-road racer that has a big personality. While it doesn’t dive too deep underneath the hood, it still tears up a huge number of tracks across a great number of race types—it does more than enough to keep players firmly in the driver’s seat.
Sergio C. GonzálezNov 09, 2020
DiRT 5 no aporta nada revolucionario al género de la conducción arcade, pero sí logra asentar la saga en un territorio donde nadie puede dudar su existencia. DiRT sigue siendo DiRT, un episodio que toma lo mejor de las tres primeras entregas numeradas y que no se olvida de aportar el excelente diseño de escenarios de la vertiente Rally.
Víctor MartínezNov 23, 2020
Me gusta, por último, que existan compañías como Codemasters, que pueden especializarse en algo no necesariamente popular hasta el punto de acoger propuestas como este Dirt 5, un juego clásico y de nueva generación que demuestra que algunas cosas no son moda, sino que funcionan y merecen estar ahí para siempre: los arcades de carreras son una de ellas.
Mikel PerníaNov 02, 2020
DIRT 5 es un juego que sorprende por abandonar la nueva línea de juegos de rally de Codemasters, pero que llega en un buen momento para los amantes de lo arcade. Sabiendo cómo generar una ambientación radical, DIRT 5 es un juego que ofrece esa necesidad de velocidad arcade, y lo hace con una cantidad ingente de contenido y un aspecto muy potente.
Damien GreffetNov 27, 2020
Bref, c’est donc ici qu’on passera le plus clair de notre temps, même si on n’a pas encore trouvé de niveau qui intègre les changements de météo et le cycle jour/nuit. On espère que ces features seront apportées, et qu’elles ne resteront pas cantonnées aux modes solo et multi du titre.
IzokayNov 05, 2020
La grosse déception vient du manque d'inventivité du titre, que ce soit dans le déroulé de la carrière ou dans l'articulation des modes de jeu. La carrosserie de DiRT est plutôt sympa cette année, mais le moteur a besoin d'un supplément d'âme pour se distinguer.
Luca del PizzoNov 02, 2020
Dirt 5 è un buon gioco di corse off-road, un titolo che prosegue nel segno dell’impostazione arcade ed adrenalinica della saga di Codemasters e si apre anche alla creatività della community. Varietà ed accessibilità sono le parole d’ordine di un racing game frizzante, a tratti persino esilarante.
Antonio Di LorenzoNov 08, 2020
Da un pedigree così rinomato non poteva che arrivare un gioco di guida di assoluto livello, sebbene molto diverso dal solito gioco di rally che siamo abituati a vedere. DIRT 5 ha personalità da vendere e ci cattura in una dinamica di gioco nella quale si fa una gara dopo l'altra, uno scenario dopo l'altro, senza mai stancarsi.
Денис КнязевNov 12, 2020
И отличная аркадная гонка, что важнее — если вы много лет искали нечто подобное, то пропускать новую часть серии Codemasters явно не стоит. Да, если вы играете на ПК, лучше дождаться патчей и в целом пока последить за тем, как разработчики правят игру, но отказываться от нее совсем бессмысленно.
matus_aceNov 04, 2020
DIRT 5 je tak hra s problémom identity, kde chýbajú rally a trochu kolíše pocit z progresu. Dole ju ťahajú aj technické bugy, ktorými zatiaľ trpí, ale ešte stále oficiálne nevyšla. Mimo toho je ale kvalitnou arkádou so zábavným jazdením a obrovskou kopou obsahu, ktorý si naozaj užijete. Zabaví v kariére, ponúka rozsiahle možnosti na delenej obrazovke a nestratí sa ani v online multiplayeri.
Δημήτρης ΒούρδαςNov 16, 2020
Σε γενικές γραμμές, το DiRT 5 ήταν ένα μεγάλο στοίχημα για την Codemasters. Ως απόγονος μίας σειράς με πολύ συγκεκριμένα στοιχεία και ένα fanbase που δεν κοιτάει συνήθως με καλό μάτι τις αλλαγές, αυτή η αλλαγή στην φιλοσοφία του παιχνιδιού αποτελούσε σημείο καμπής από την ημέρα της ανακοίνωσής του.