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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

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Ken McKownJun 23, 2015
Capcom has delivered yet another fantastic HD remake. While the company has said they have begun to focus more on these types of packages, it still makes me wish we would see more new entries in our beloved franchises. Before that happens though, can we get that Onimusha HD collection along with an updated Dragon’s Dogma package for XB1 and PS4? You know, for science?
John ElliottJun 22, 2015
The same holds true today with the Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. With a few finishing touches, some additional characters and a new difficulty mode, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition stands as game fans of the series and newcomers alike should immensely enjoy. While Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition may not compel you to go back and play the other games in the series, on its own DMC4 Special Edition offers plenty of value for the buck.
Tom SeniorJun 23, 2015
DMC4's savage swordsmanship still entertains, in spite of reheated levels and uninspired puzzles, and the addition of Lady introduces an explosive new style of combat to Devil May Cry's armoury.
Josiah RenaudinJun 23, 2015
The visual improvements and additional characters layered atop the Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition can't conceal its bloated structure. This is, without a doubt, the best this stylish action romp has looked and felt, but just because you can gussy up an old game, doesn't always mean that you should. If you're dying to see how Vergil fares against the Order of the Sword or feel the need to test the extreme difficulty, take the leap. Just be warned that some aspects of the game would have been better left in the past.
Chris CarterJun 23, 2015
evil May Cry 4 Special Edition reaffirms the series' status as the current king of the action genre. It may not fix some of the blemishes inherent to the game's campaign, but the new characters and styles are fantastic, and will have players creating combo videos for years to come. With respect to DmC and everything it accomplished, this is the Devil May Cry I want to see in the future, Capcom.
Jim SterlingJun 23, 2015
I can at least proclaim I enjoyed playing Devil May Cry 4 more in 2015 than I did when it was originally released, and that’s saying something. Thanks to the improvements made – and maybe the lack of anything like it outside of maybe Bayonetta 2 – it was a true pleasure to return to Capcom’s world of jacked up angels, plant dragons, and Dante hamming up every single delicious scene he’s in. Truly, it’s good to be back. It’s better to be back than it ever was.
Katrina HillJun 23, 2015
If you've never played Devil May Cry 4, or miss the glory days of the series where Dante was fun, combat was deep and challenging, and things weren't so stupid edgy and serious, this low-priced special edition offers fun aplenty.
Adam BeckJun 23, 2015
Devil May Cry 4 isn’t without its faults. The story has all the clichés of a bad anime, and the progression, especially when it swaps to Dante, becomes a repetitive slog with both combat scenarios and bosses failing to add meaningful variety. It doesn’t help that the camera is still wonky and get in the way of platforming. Thankfully, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition has a ton of charm thanks to its visual fidelity and combat fluidness that makes up for many of its shortcomings.
Peter ParasJun 23, 2015
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition like last year’s Bayonetta 2 is for hardcore action gamers. It rewards practice and patience. The level design can get repetitive, but the levels aren't really why anyone plays a Devil May Cry game.
Bob MackeyJun 24, 2015
If you pick up Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, know that you're essentially getting a prettier version of a 2008 experience. That may sound extremely obvious, but, over the last seven years, character action games have changed greatly, making some of DMC4's choices feel absolutely dated. If you can get past these qualities, though, you'll find the same reliable action we've come to expect from Devil May Cry over the past 15 years.
Mike SplechtaJun 27, 2015
For those coming back to Devil May Cry 4 from playing previous iterations can try their hand at the Legendary Dark Knight mode, which much to my disappointment, didn't feature Batman anywhere in it. But all kidding aside, this mode is no joke. The amount of monster it throws at you, as well as their speed is downright ridiculous. You can further alter the game by enabling Turbo which speeds up the already fast-paced game to the max. Newcomers need not apply.
Mick FraserJun 29, 2015
On the whole, this is a decent enough special edition for people crying out to play this game again, but that’s really it. Non-fans would be better served by the definitive edition of 2013’s DmC than this – although there is enough here to give DMC4’s followers a reason to splash out again. Not essential, but an enjoyable enough romp if you’re not hung up on story and character depth.
Tyler TreeseJun 23, 2015
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition is the best way to experience an already great game. With new characters, additional difficulty options, and fan-service galore, there's no reason not to pick up this package if you're a fan of Devil May Cry. While the remaster may not fix all of the flaws of the original game, it does manage to breathe new life into one of Capcom's most beloved series.
Richard WalkerJun 23, 2015
Completing an HD overhaul for the entirety of the Devil May Cry series, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is a definitive package that represents decent value for money for returning players, and is pretty much essential for anyone yet to play it. Grab it with your Devil Bringer arm. It's brill.
Jason D’AprileJul 13, 2015
There are elements of greatness here—the bosses are exceptionally inspired and some of the level themes are great—but so much of DMC4 is antiquated. From the over reliance on jarring cinematic scenes and incredibly repetitive level design and action to the absurdly sexually fetishized female characters in the game, it feels like a game purely designed to pay lip service to diehard fans—at the expense of innovation or bringing in new gamers.
Alonso ZamoraJun 23, 2015
Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition se siente como el justo tratamiento para un juego que, si bien no es el mejor de su franquicia, sí está muy por encima de casi cualquier otra propuesta de acción gracias al legendario diseño de una serie que sentó cátedra sobre el género. El juego sin duda es recomendable para los veteranos que quieren más reto, los viejos fans y aquellos casos en los que no se haya podido disfrutar el original y se esté un poco hambriento de juegos de acción en la next-gen, que pasa por momentos de sequía. Se trata de un buen regreso a las bases que, parece, podría ser el preludio a otra entrega de una saga de acción imprescindible.
Salva FernándezJun 24, 2015
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition tiene en los nuevos personajes y sus estilos de combate (claramente diferenciados entre ellos) el principal atractivo. El otro es el reto que propone al jugador clásico de Hack and Slash, con un sinfín de niveles de dificultad endiablados. Bien acabado a nivel visual y con un framerate estable, el juego mantiene también lo bueno y lo malo de la entrega original. Y eso significa altibajos evidentes (backtracking con repetición de localizaciones, enemigos y jefes) y algunos problemas de cámara.
Juan GarciaJun 25, 2015
Un hack'n slash brillante y profundo, de lo más rejugable y repleto de secretos que nos harán volver a sus 20 niveles durante semanas. Capcom ha pecado de conformismo a la hora de corregir los mayores errores del original en materia jugable, y de exprimir mejor las máquinas de nueva generación, pero esto no hace que el juego siga ofreciendo un rendimiento excelente para el precio que cuesta.
Sergio MartínJun 25, 2015
Pero en lugar de estar ante un port más bien simple y moliente, Capcom se ha molestado en cuidar mucho tanto su vertiente gráfica como, más significativo aún, su apartado jugable, ofreciendo nuevas razones a los jugadores para volver a cazar demonios. Imprescindible para los que no jugaron al título original y recomendable para los que ya lo hicieron y lo consideren como un videojuego indispensable.
Mathias OertelJun 26, 2015
Am deutlichsten ist dies noch bei der Kampfmechanik der stylischen Action zu spüren, deren Dynamik mittlerweile an Faszination eingebüßt hat und von Konkurrenz wie Bayonetta, Kratos oder Dantes modernem Alter Ego in die Schranken verwiesen wurde. Und an der uneinheitlichen Kameraführung, bei der sich mitunter verwirrende statische Perspektiven mit einer klassischen freien Schulterkamera abwechseln. Doch weitere Kernelemente wie die immer noch zündende dramatisch-emotionale Geschichte, ordentliche Umgebungsrätsel sowie die dank des Artdesigns zeitlos gut scheinende Kulisse samt fantasievoller Gegner und Bosse haben sich schadlos gehalten.
Keem TranJul 01, 2015
Si Devil May Cry 4 avait su marquer son temps en 2008, grâce au développement de ses grandiloquents acteurs et l'opulence de son système de jeu, il faut reconnaître que certains défauts rédhibitoires dérangeaient déjà, problèmes de caméra en tête. C'est d'autant plus flagrant avec cette Special Edition puisque l'on doit se retaper la même aventure plusieurs fois si l'on souhaite vraiment profiter des (excellents) ajouts que sont Vergil, Trish et Lady. Une bonne production à bien des niveaux mais plutôt conseillée pour ceux découvrant le titre pour la première fois et les ultra fans du jeu original.
Laurely BirbaJul 06, 2015
Parmi les autres nouveautés pensées pour cette réédition, on notera la présence du mode "Turbo" qui augmente la vitesse de jeu de 20%, ou encore celle du mode "Chevalier Sombre Légendaire" où le nombre d'ennemis à l'écran est beaucoup élevé ; sans oublier les tenues bonus destinées aux uns et aux autres. Enfin, sur le plan visuel, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition se contente juste d'un coup de polish pour gagner en netteté, le tout en 1080p 60fps comme exigé dorénavant.
Mohammad FahmiJul 27, 2015
Devil May Cry 4 adalah game yang sangat bagus, dan versi Special Edition membuatnya menjadi lebih bagus lagi. Dengan lima karakter yang dapat kamu mainkan, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition adalah sebuah game sempurna untuk memacu adrenalin dan membuat pegal tangan dalam usahamu menghasilkan combo Smokin’ Sick Style!!!
Sebastiaan QuekelJun 30, 2015
Ja, het is zeker niet de beste Devil May Cry en nee: de problemen uit het origineel zijn zeven jaar na dato niet opgelost. Maar ondanks zijn tekortkomingen blijft Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition een dijk van een vechtspel dat de meeste concurrenten ver achter zich laat. Bovendien overtuigen de grafische upgrade en de toevoeging van drie nieuwe personages genoeg, ook al blijven we verlangen naar een reboot van een ander deel in de serie.