Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for Xbox One
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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Aug 23, 2016
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Developer: Eidos-Montréal
Content Rating: Mature


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided directly follows the aftermath of the Aug Incident, a day when mechanically augmented citizens all over the world were stripped of control over their minds and bodies, resulting in the deaths of millions of innocents. The year is now 2029, and the golden era of augmentations is over. Mechanically augmented humans have been deemed outcasts and segregated from the rest of society. Crime and acts of terror serve as a thin veil to cover up an overarching conspiracy aimed at controlling the future of mankind.

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Jan 27, 2021
"Mankind Divided" does many many things pitch perfect. The storytelling is interesting and deep; character progression varied and dynamic; and action fluid and enjoyable. The world is "open," but not too open that it becomes tedious. Overall, it's great, but not perfect. Player choice agency isn't as deep as advertised, and the combat gets very easy once you master a few basics, discouraging experimentation. The set pieces are also underwhelming (I beat the boss by hiding in a vent and throwing grenades at him). But, it's still a worthy piece of sci-fi and should be checked out.
Sebastian Skała

Sebastian Skała

Apr 4, 2021
Emir Çetin

Emir Çetin

Jun 21, 2020
Hunter Golden

Hunter Golden

Apr 26, 2020

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Andrew ReinerAug 19, 2016
As much as the game tries to highlight different walks of life, all of the characters, even Jensen, end up looking like faceless beings used to dump lore onto the player. I like seeing games tackle difficult subject matter, but that message, while occasionally coming through loud and clear, is ultimately lost in this dull and slow-moving story. It starts off with a bang, but quickly becomes a muddled mess of politics and techno-babble.
Dean TakahashiAug 23, 2016
The Deus Ex series has a great storyline, and it paints a compelling, serious vision of the future that we should all consider to be a warning, given our own divisive political climate. I love how a video game can bring up a serious subject and hold up a mirror to our own times.
Jeff GerstmannAug 19, 2016
I'm left with the feeling that a sequel to Human Revolution could've told a more engaging story, but at the same time I had a really great time crouch-walking through Prague. It might not be an especially surprising sequel, but it all comes together quite nicely, with solid side missions and a mix of action and stealth that lets you mess around and find your own way of doing things.