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Destiny 2 - Expansion 1: Curse of Osiris

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Jason FaulknerDec 07, 2017
If you want to keep playing Destiny 2, you're eventually going to have to buy this expansion. If you're on the fence about whether you want to continue or not, I don't suggest purchasing Curse of Osiris at full price if you can help it. Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris was wholly underwhelming, and I hope very much that Bungie steps their game up for the second expansion.
Garrett DrakeDec 12, 2017
Sure, Mercury’s small, the strikes are a letdown, and many players are cut off from prestige events, but between the world building, new gear, and gameplay features such as new Crucible maps and the Raid Lair, there’s a fair amount of fun to be had in Curse of Osiris. Especially considering its releasing three short months after launch. For more on Destiny 2, you can check out our full review of the main game here.
William SchwartzDec 11, 2017
Curse of Osiris continues to shine in both gameplay and presentation with its new Raid Lair content being some of the best we’ve seen.  However, a short campaign, and Mercury being so small with a sheer lack of activities to do, make completing the quests for new weapons and gear a bit repetitive.
David HoughtonDec 19, 2017
Consistently failing to meet the potential visible in any of its currently-slight content, Curse of Orisis does not satisfy as an expansion in its own right, or as an addition to the wider Destiny 2 ecosystem.
Mark SherwoodDec 10, 2017
Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is a waste of both money and time. It’s a shame that Bungie couldn’t use the Infinite Forest themselves to find a timeline in which they had actually crafted a content drop that was as interesting and innovative in practice as it was on paper. Curse of Osiris does house some solid elements, such as decent voice acting and gorgeous design, but that means absolutely nothing when the content itself is meagre and half-baked.
Mick FraserDec 21, 2017
The Curse of Osiris is an enjoyable adventure, Mercury is a pretty but ultimately quite empty location, and the new Strikes are actually overshadowed by the new Public Event. All in all it’s a middling start for Destiny 2, and no matter how incredible the core mechanics are or how addictive that reward loop is, people aren’t going to keep playing if there’s nothing new to see.
Kim OrremarkDec 13, 2017
Destiny 2 may not get worse with Curse of Osiris, but if this is an indication of where things are heading we're not sure we'll want to return for future expansions. It's the absolute minimum in terms of content, with a short campaign, two maps for multiplayer, and a handful of new weapons, and that feels like a slap in the face given the relatively high price point. Is Curse of Osiris worth playing then? No, not if you're asking us.
AdrianHaasDec 14, 2017
The same weapons are utilised during the same activities, the armour will be weighted towards a Mobility Resilience or Recovery based build, and while the single piece of exotic armour that can be worn may offer some varietiation in build or play style, overall they're still pretty underwhelming. Due to the way enemies scale to your level, there isn't any feel of a concomitant increase in the power of your Guardian as you level up and acquire new items.
DefaDec 13, 2017
Una muy buena parte de los videojuegos modernos se han movido a un modelo en el que recompensar al jugador todo el tiempo, es de suma importancia. Lo anterior llama muchísimo la atención, pues se supone que la única recompensa que tenemos como jugadores, es precisamente disfrutar del título en sí. Como sea, lo anterior ha provocado que un montón de personas juegan sólo para conseguir esa arma o pieza de equipo legendaria.
Juan GarciaDec 07, 2017
Teníamos muchas esperanzas puestas en esta primera expansión de Destiny 2, sobre todo para que arreglara algunos de los problemas del juego principal. Sin embargo, no solo no los soluciona, sino que además se queda corta en casi todas sus parcelas, convirtiéndose quizás en la expansión que más fríos nos ha dejado de Destiny 2 hasta la fecha. Sigue siendo obligatoria, si quieres estar al día en el juego de Bungie, y ofrece momentos de brillantez, pero resulta muy mejorable.
EpyonDec 11, 2017
Quelle déception. La Malédiction d'Osiris avait une occasion unique de raconter une histoire passionnante tout en rajoutant plus de contenu à Destiny 2, et il n'en y est rien. Car au-delà du contenu limité, cette extension c'est d'abord l'histoire d'un scénario écrit à la va-vite pour justifier tant bien que mal des aller-retours dans des environnements pas inspirés pour un sou.