Dangerous Driving for Xbox One
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Dangerous Driving

Apr 9, 2019
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Dangerous Driving brings back the speed, style and the all out excitement of the arcade racing genre. The games breathes new life into an old genre taking advantage of both the power of Unreal Engine 4 and of current generation hardware to provide an all-new racing experience featured driving, racing and takedowns employing real physics, physically based rendering enabling high visual fidelity and accurate lighting and vastly improved engine audio and sound effects.

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Ryan McCaffreyApr 08, 2019
As a long-time Burnout devotee, I’m very glad Dangerous Driving got made. It is a wonderful complement to Danger Zone 2; together, they are basically Burnout 6 and the world is better off for it. That said, a drawn-out campaign and less-fun secondary events create a little too much drag on its standalone fun.
Elton JonesApr 08, 2019
three fields entertainment’s passion for its past work on the burnout series can be seen and felt throughout every bit of dangerous driving. arcade racing game fans will come and ultimately stay for the manic speed, outlandish crashes, and satisfying assortment of car classes and events. what knocks this racer down a few pegs are the dated visuals and disappointing lack of basic features that every current-gen racer should include on day one. burnout fans who want to revisit the series pre-paradise will love everything dangerous driving offers. but it’s hard to look past the nagging issues and missing features that could have pushed dangerous driving past the competition.
Jamie CollyerApr 09, 2019
Three Fields are doing the gaming community a service by keeping the arcade racing genre alive when the big boys seem to have lost interest. Much like their previous entries, there’s a lot to like here – from the fast, responsive action to the sheer thrill of smashing rivals and reveling in that takedown camera. Sadly, its bare-bones approach to modes, its erratic physics, and its barely improved technical aspects, keep it from reaching the heights of its inspiration.

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