D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die for Xbox One
Xbox One

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

Sep 19, 2014

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About this game

Developer: Access Games
Content Rating: Mature


A time traveling detective has to solve his wife’s murder before he can prevent it. Use his supernatural ability to “dive” into the world of the living past by touching artifacts called “mementos” to find out the truth behind his wife’s death.

Critic Reviews

32 Reviews
Bob MackeyOct 09, 2014
Once again, SWERY injects a detective story with his patented brand of weirdness, though this time he's finally free of the technical limitations that hampered his past work. D4 isn't a flawless experience, but, as with Deadly Premonition, it offers a world and set of characters you won't want to leave behind.
Cam SheaSep 22, 2014
D4 is an intriguing experience, and brimming with personality. It’s also the most polished game from Access to date, with a genuinely first-rate presentation. ...D4 is even better second time around too, when most of the pieces are already in place and you can interpret every piece of information in context. Now, bring on the next part.
Jessica VazquezSep 30, 2014
D4 is a game that knows what it is. It’s quirky and odd with an outrageous story and over-the-top characters, and that may not sit well with some people, but that’s the kind of game Swery is known to make.

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