Cuisine Royale for Xbox One
Xbox One

Cuisine Royale

Dec 18, 2019
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Content Rating: Mature


Cuisine Royale is an all-kitchen-warfare Battle Royale game with the most honest system for Loot Boxes ever. Originally an April Fool’s joke from developers of squad based MMO shooter Enlisted, Cuisine Royale was highly appreciated by players and is now released as a stand-alone title.

Critic Reviews

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Marco VrolijkJan 20, 2020
Requiring around ten gigabytes of disk space and with equally modest system requirements, Cuisine Royale is both accessible for a large PC audience as well as being surprisingly good-looking. What's more, it boasts a number of fun features such as the Mystical Signs but the devs have been able to mix them up with familiar overall gameplay features and just the right amount of comical sauce. Throw in the fact that it's free to play, and we heartily recommend anyone who likes the genre to give it a try.
Darren EdwardsJan 19, 2020
Cuisine Royale is a solid, enjoyable game with a wacky persona. It doesn’t do anything new or particularly different to stand out above its rivals on Xbox, but it’s still worth checking out nonetheless.
Martín AmechazurraFeb 12, 2020
Cuisine Royale busca ofrecer una alternativa a los battle royale más populares del momento con buenas dosis de humor y con algunas ideas propias, aunque nunca se llega a sentir como una propuesta realmente diferente. Sin embargo, sus partidas son de lo más divertidas, en especial con amigos, con el aliciente de ser gratis.

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