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Jon LedfordNov 27, 2013
Crimson Dragon doesn’t live up to its Panzer Dragon ancestry. ...It’s as if they designed the levels first, then the enemies and worried about the gameplay interactions later. It doesn’t help that your dragon can’t slow down or hover. You would think that a dragon would learn to flap its wings and stay in the same spot so you can nail those mission objectives. For a game starring a dragon, this title just drags on.
Jose OteroNov 18, 2013
Crimson Dragon works well enough as a straight arcade shooter, and there’s plenty of challenge in it. There’s some nostalgic value, too, but it’s weak graphics and frustrating free-flight boss fights make it tough to enjoy the stroll down memory lane.
Peter BrownNov 18, 2013
Fight your way towards the end of the game, and you'll discover stages with greater visual appeal than the initial selection of barren landscapes, and more sound level design, but it’s too little too late. Crimson Dragon frustrates more than it entertains. ...It doesn't take long to realize that for all its efforts to be something more, Crimson Dragon misses the mark. It's occasionally sloppy, usually frustrating, and ultimately disappointing.
Richard MitchellNov 25, 2013
It's not as if Crimson Dragon even needed a story. Chewing through hordes of amazing creatures on the back of a dragon would have been reason enough to play. Even that, unfortunately, is bogged down by Crimson Dragon's repetitive mission structure. ...Crimson Dragon isn't bad, and there's plenty to do if you simply must unlock and evolve every dragon, but it runs out of ideas long before it runs out of missions.
Paul SullivanDec 14, 2013
Crimson Dragon isn’t the worst Xbox One launch game, but it’s far from good. The RPG elements have promise but lack the polish, while the gameplay and visuals fail to resonate on any level. It’s a title that feels devoid of passion, and not even the great soundtrack can save the game’s flying 18 wheelers from utter mediocrity.
Jonathan BoldingNov 18, 2013
Crimson Dragon is a worthy homage to an older genre, and if the game appeals to you as a $20 downloadable, then you won't lack for gameplay at that price. If only a few of the Xbox One launch games appeal to you, then . Just don't expect anything particularly "next-gen" about the game. The visuals are reminiscent of any given game from the end of the X360 or PS3's life cycle. This is an update to an old style of gameplay, but there's not a lot new here. There's a lot of old to love, though.
Rob SlusserNov 22, 2013 it's a shame that these experiences are let down by the generally awkward gameplay. Leveling up dragons and replaying for ranks and leaderboard score might be enough to garner Crimson Dragon a cult following, but for most people the bungled core mechanic is a deal-breaker. This dragon might fly, but it never truly soars.
Jeremy PeeplesNov 26, 2013
Crimson Dragon is an impressive game that falls short of Panzer Dragoon‘s lofty heights. Visually, it looks better in every way but playable character design. ...It’s lucked into getting a reasonably prominent release during a major system launch, so if it’s ever going to become a well-respected niche again, this title’s success will be the key that opens up the door. It’s got some dings on it, but is still worth traveling through.
Justin McElroyNov 18, 2013
But I could forgive all of these missteps, the weird microtransactions, the underwhelming graphics, the off-kilter systems, if, on a very basic level, it was fun. It's not. Crimson Dragon manages to take riding on a sweet flying dragon and make it a bland, frustrating slog. In my book, that's about as unforgivable as sins come.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioNov 25, 2013
A lot of the game is propelled forward by its grindy levels and progression system, and if this isn’t your thing, then you’ll likely get incredibly frustrated and just turn the game off to play more Killer Instinct. ...It’s not the AAA blockbuster that we all thought it was going to be--heck, I won’t even go as far as to say that it’s better than Panzer Dragoon--but it is a solid title that you can pick up for a budget price. As far as Xbox One launch titles go, you can do far worse.
Martin RobinsonNov 21, 2013
Crimson Dragon's got other, bigger problems, though, and like the wave of games it was announced alongside - Diabolical Pitch, Steel Battalion, Haunt and Rise of Nightmares - it's a disappointment, even if it's one that was postponed to the new generation of consoles. It's a thin and troubled tribute to the original Panzer Dragoons, slim on the ambition, vision and art that made its predecessors what they were - and some way short of the invention and execution in the games they inspired.
Jon NewcombeNov 18, 2013
As it stands, you get a bunch of straightforward achievements for holding down the trigger and barrel-rolling left and right for seven to eight hours. That's not a great sell by any means. There's better launch titles out there for your money, offering depth alongside the spectacle we expect from the Xbox One.
Jon BlythNov 18, 2013
Crimson Dragon entertains most when it's the power fantasy it wants to be - when you're mopping up streams of curious beasts from an early level, with credits and items flying into your backpack as you 100% a level. When you're beset, besieged, and bullied by streams of incoming missiles, you feel cheated rather than challenged, and the beckoning gem shop makes the process feel dirty.
Alexander LeachDec 11, 2013
Crimson Dragon, which boasts the director and many members of the Panzer Dragoon staff, should provide an intense, dragon-based combat experience.
Andrew ToddDec 05, 2013
Story is not told well. Most missions are repetitive. Sluggish movement and camera response. Previous-generation graphics. Microtransactions and grinding are unpleasant. Despite some quality visual design, Crimson Dragon is a rough-shod, clumsy experience that yields little gameplay depth or variety and frequently threatens to nickel-and-dime players.
Xavi RoblesNov 20, 2013
Crimson Dragon tiene, además, una estructura muy de free-to-play, a pesar de que es un juego que cuesta 20€. Puedes pagar con dinero real para mejorar determinadas habilidades, y notas que el diseño está muy orientado a esa estructura tan de juego de móvil que sí, que funciona bien en esos dispositivos, pero que se queda muy corta y empalagosa en consolas. No es un mal juego, pero tampoco es uno que merezca demasiado la pena.
Álvaro CastellanoNov 18, 2013
Una de las decepciones del catálogo de lanzamiento de Xbox One es la que nos ocupa. Un juego de dragones que sobre el papel parecía fascinante y sugerente, pero que se viene abajo por sus problemas de control y su monótona y soporífera propuesta. Como videojuego independiente es de lo más mediocre y, en relación con Panzer Dragoon, Crimson Dragon es un del todo insuficiente heredero espiritual.
Jan WöbbekingNov 13, 2013
Im Gegenzug sorgen das Aufpäppeln der Drachen und Experimente mit Attacken auch für Langzeitmotivation. Als ich mich an die Macken des Spiels gewöhnt hatte, hatte ich durchaus Spaß an den schnellen Luftkämpfen und werde mir das Spiel heute auch auf meiner privaten Xbox One kaufen. Trotzdem bin ich nach Genre-Highlights wie Panzer Dragoon Orta, Rez oder Child Of Eden enttäuscht.
Martin WogerNov 18, 2013
In den ersten zwei Dritteln des Spiels ist das kein so großes Thema, außer man gibt sich keinerlei Mühe, Crimson Dragon zu beherrschen. Dann jedoch beginnt der eh schon nicht so niedrige Schwierigkeitsgrad, hochzufahren und die Versuchung dürfte bei so manchem steigen. ...Es ist kein Konzept, das ich häufiger in einem Spiel dieser Art sehen möchte. Eigentlich nie wieder.
Fabien PellegriniNov 26, 2013
Crimson Dragon trouvera très probablement son public parmi les fans de Panzer Dragoon, qui apprécieront de retrouver le gameplay et l'ambiance d'antan. En revanche, les joueurs qui viennent d'acquérir une Xbox One dans le but de profiter d'expériences novatrices, ou au moins visuellement époustouflantes, risquent de se heurter à une dure réalité : Crimson Dragon aurait très bien pu sortir sur Xbox 360. C'est d'ailleurs ce qui était prévu initialement.
AnagundNov 29, 2013
Sur Xbox One, il devient tout bonnement une catastrophe. Alors que la gestion de nos montures et quelques éléments RPG pouvaient augurer de bonnes choses, le titre des studios Grounding Inc perd sur tous les fronts avec des problèmes de caméra, de lisibilité, de maniabilité et de rythme, sans oublier une réalisation datée et un level design d'une grande platitude. Oubliez de suite le CV de son créateur, Crimson Dragon n'a rien à voir avec ses ancêtres spirituels.
Matthieu HurelNov 29, 2013
Crimson Dragon offre trop peu de bons arguments par rapport à ses gros défauts, portant aussi bien sur la prise en main que le visuel ou la tendance à pousser le joueur à refaire des niveaux pas forcément intéressants juste pour grimper en niveau ou dénicher des anticorps obligatoires. Même les fans de Panzer Dragoon n'auront pas grand chose à tirer de cette suite spirituelle ratée et sans originalité.
Marco MotturaDec 09, 2013
Il risultato, pur non essendo da bocciare senza appello, non può certo dirsi all'altezza delle sontuose premesse di chi già pregustava il ritorno di un capolavoro. I fan di Futatsugi troveranno comunque di che divertirsi, eppure proprio per loro sarà grandissimo il rimpianto nel constatare quanto sia distante un romantico passato che non sembra avere futuro.
Fabio DavideNov 19, 2013
Insomma, Crimson Dragon non è Panzer Dragon e la cosa è piuttosto evidente. Nel passaggio si è perso qualcosa, forse anche per via delle trasformazioni che il titolo ha dovuto affrontare per approdare a questa nuova generazione di console. Il gioco è comunque divertente ma è anche caotico, poco ispirato e ripetitivo. ...Dedicato solo a chi soffre troppo la mancanza del vero, inimitabile capolavoro per Saturn.