Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox One
Xbox One

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Nov 22, 2013

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Developer: Infinity Ward
Content Rating: Mature


For the first time in Call of Duty, gamers play as the underdog, fighting as part of a single squad against an enemy that has superior numbers and firepower. Call of Duty: Ghosts’ genre-defining multiplayer delivers gameplay innovations throughout, including dynamic map events and character customization.

Critic Reviews

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Shaun McInnisNov 05, 2013
From an exuberant campaign full of spectacle and variety to the way Extinction's unpredictable aliens force you to use those targeting skills in entirely new ways, Ghosts strikes an excellent balance between the familiar and the novel. This is a game that's keenly aware of the series' strengths, but doesn't find itself beholden to them. No matter what standard you apply, Call of Duty: Ghosts is a terrific first-person shooter.
Russ FrushtickNov 05, 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts is mired in a distinct lack of ambition. Outside of the stellar Extinction mode, Ghosts follows more often than it leads, bringing with it familiar missions, modes and experiences. Ghosts feels like an accountant's sequel, with just enough content to justify a new installment. It just never goes beyond that.
Steve HannleyNov 12, 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts is a stunner on Xbox One. It may not be the flagship title to demo in hopes of proving how superior next-gen gaming is to current-gen, but it’s one of the finer looking launch titles on the console. ...I haven’t had enough time with the PS4 version to declare this the definitive version, but at this point it’s my version of choice. While Ghosts is superb on the Xbox 360, future Xbox One owners would do themselves a great disservice for not investing this version.

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