Chariot for Xbox One
Xbox One


Oct 1, 2014

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About this game

Developer: Frima Studio
Content Rating: Everyone


Chariot is the story of a princess whose task is to lay her father’s remains in his final resting place. With the help of her fiancé, she has to take this heavy chariot holding the king’s remains through underground mazes in order to reach a sepulcher fit for His Majesty.

However, the king’s ghost, bound to the chariot, has quite a temper and insists that he be buried with vast amounts of riches. As the couple progresses, tunneling deeper and deeper underground, they’ll have to stray off the main path to get their hands on precious gems.

Critic Reviews

8 Reviews
Tabitha DickersonOct 15, 2014
It is a very beautiful title. A tad repetitive but considering it's free right now on Xbox Games with Gold I'd suggest everyone give this a go, no matter who you are.
Dave LetcavageOct 02, 2014
In the end, Chariot is one of the best cooperative gaming experiences we’ve ever had. It’s immensely rewarding, abundantly creative, and the sense of accomplishment that it instills within the player will lead to high-fives being thrown around the room on a regular basis. You will harbor feelings of contempt when player two unintentionally pulls you off that hard-to-reach ledge that took five minutes to reach, followed by moments of utter gratitude when they latch on at the last second and save you and the chariot from falling out of view.
Greg SrisavasdiOct 03, 2014
Even though I probably won’t bring a friend over for a cooperative experience on Chariot, the game still excels as a single-player adventure. Throwing a moving coffin into the platforming mix brings an entirely different element to this well worn genre. After years of arbitrarily leaping from one stage to the next, now I’ll have to think before I jump. Even if it means taking orders from a deceased, vainglorious king, this Chariot is a ride that’s definitely worth taking.

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