Celeste for Xbox One
Xbox One


Jan 26, 2018
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Developer: Matt Thorson
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain in this super-tight, hand-crafted platformer from the creators of TowerFall.

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Tom MarksJan 25, 2018
Celeste is a surprise masterpiece. Its 2D platforming is some of the best and toughest since Super Meat Boy, with levels that are as challenging to figure out as they are satisfying to complete. Hidden throughout those levels are a wealth of secrets and collectibles, some of which push the skills it teaches you to the absolute limit, along with enough end-game content to keep you playing for dozens of hours.
Ben ReevesFeb 06, 2018
Developer Matt Makes Games’ previous release was TowerFall, the archery-themed four-player battle royale. With its single-player focus and touching narrative, Celeste might seem like an odd follow-up. However, like TowerFall, Celeste features polished and intense action that makes it easy to love and hard to put down.
Mark SherwoodFeb 01, 2018
Celeste offers a bold and beautiful story that will touch anyone who can relate to its plot foundation. It’s a brilliantly designed and gorgeously presented experience throughout the entirety of play. Perhaps Celeste’s greatest achievement, however, is that it appeals to speedrunners, thrill seekers, and completionists alike. Furthermore, it doesn’t alienate genre newcomers thanks to how accessible it is.

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