Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One
Xbox One

Castle Crashers Remastered

Sep 9, 2015
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Developer: The Behemoth
Content Rating: Teen


This four player RPG adventure will let you hack, slash, and smash your way to victory. Featuring hand-drawn characters, Castle Crashers delivers unique hi-res illustrated visuals and intense gameplay action. Play with up to three friends and discover mind-boggling magic and mystery in the amazing world created just for you!

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Apr 28, 2020
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Peter ParasSep 16, 2015
Castle Crashers Remastered is a real hoot speaking as someone who missed out seven years ago. It's bright, funny button-masher that’s deep enough if you want more, and it has an Arena Mode, the Back Off Barbarian minigame, and an "Insane Mode" for good measure. The $14.99 price might seem a tad high ($10 would have been better), but no matter—this is a must for anyone jonesing for an old school beat 'em up.
Jordan DevoreSep 11, 2015
As much as I enjoyed the new mini-game, it's hardly enough of an incentive to justify paying full price for Remastered. It's a similar situation with the visual upgrades and behind-the-scenes tweaks. I maintain that Castle Crashers is a good game. Great, even, if you're playing cooperatively. But seven years later, I'm not nearly as smitten. I just can't endlessly grind battles like I used to.
Juan RubioSep 15, 2015
Castle Crashers Remastered, además, sigue siendo divertidísimo, y uno de esos juegos a los que siempre apetece jugar con amigos. Es cierto que le falta un poco de la frescura que tuvo en su momento, y que si ya le echasteis muchas horas en su momento no sorprende de la misma manera, pero si lo hicisteis podéis descargarlo sin volver a pasar por caja, así que no perdéis nada.