Bush Hockey League for Xbox One
Xbox One

Bush Hockey League

Nov 29, 2017
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Content Rating: Mature


Bush Hockey League features 5-on-5 arcade hockey gameplay where players will their opponents to submit through rough and tumble aggressive hitting and fighting. You are expected to contest for the puck by taking the body and hitting your opponents by throwing elbows, shoulder checks, cross checks, hip checks, and dirty clotheslines. Timely hits allow your team to go on fire and inflict further damage on your opponents causing them to drop the mitts and fight. That's right, aggressive hockey is back in town! Experience hockey the way it was meant to be played - line brawls, bench brawls, goalie fights, stick fights, knockouts and injuries, molestation of refs - Old Time Hockey has it all! Win the bouts to fatigue your opponents for good and gain a clear advantage to score goals and win the hockey game. Better yet, injure most of your opponents and you will win the game by way of a forfeit. That's Old Time Hockey - I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out!

Critic Reviews

3 Reviews
Matt BertzMar 29, 2017
I love the ‘70s sensibilities, and the sports gaming scene needs more varied offerings. But the slew-footed story mode and ridiculous amount of crashes make this game a healthy scratch. If V7 Entertainment can stabilize the performance, the modest $12 price tag makes this a decent option for those looking for couch co-op options, but don’t expect much beyond pick-up games.
Garrett FullerApr 25, 2017
Overall, Old Time Hockey does need some polish in terms of play. Also, we wish there was an online mode so people could match up all over the world. The controls have that retro feel and the gameplay is easy for anyone to pick up. Plus, you can play on the couch with friends and drink while you’re at it. The price is right for this game though coming in at $11.99 it is a pretty good deal.
Ken McKownDec 15, 2017
Bush Hockey League is a game that seems perfect on the surface. Bring back simplistic hockey games that focused on arcade-style play. The bumbling story mode and lack of online play really hurt it. This game is best enjoyed in small doses with friends on a couch, which is not the ideal form of play anymore. Hitting Xbox One so late after it released on PC and during the busiest time of the year means most people will likely not even notice it came and went. Still, there is fun to be had.


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