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Bus Simulator

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Jamie CollyerSep 17, 2019
Despite the UI downers, I still found myself rather charmed with Bus Simulator. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and for that I admire it. The act of driving about the city is relaxing, planning routes and getting to know them is oddly fun, and managing the back end of the business can get quite deep. Even if you may not think it’s up your street, hop aboard one day and you might just be surprised.
Gary BaileySep 18, 2019
Bus Simulator is a nice change of pace on consoles usually filled with 200mph racing games, providing a more sedate and relaxing experience for casual players and an in-depth simulation for enthusiasts.
Gareth BrierleySep 22, 2019
From just looking at the title of the game you will know whether you’re going to love Bus Simulator on Xbox One or not. The gameplay is a slog at times, but the repetitive nature is also sort of soothing to the soul, with the missions bringing a bit of reason to why you are there and allowing you to continue playing in order to unlock things. Yes there are some bugs in terms of the visuals and gameplay mechanics, but even though I’ve had to reload things more than once, it hasn’t dampened my love for this new bus driving career that I’ve taken in.
Steve FarrellyOct 15, 2019
It’s a drinking game in and of itself. But beyond the silliness of it all, repetition, precision and ogling at so many sets of twins while they pine about cats somehow makes Bus Simulator a joyous ride; a fareing good time. At least, something worth the ticket price.