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Bleed 2

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Ashley BatesFeb 06, 2018
Unless you’re willing to spend hours practising boss fights and levels over and over again to get the satisfaction that comes with finally conquering the hardest difficulty, Bleed 2 offers little in the way of replay value. Think of it like a rollercoaster: it’s fun the first time around, but on repeat visits, the ride loses its lustre.
Mark SherwoodFeb 05, 2018
Bleed 2 is an average bullet hell game that will be better appreciated by streamers and speedrunners. Those looking for a padded, in-depth, side-scrolling shooter, will be left in the cold. Despite some interesting gameplay design throughout the varying levels, Bleed 2 just doesn’t stand out. It’s worth the price of admission for its content alone, I’ll give it that, but it’s far from revolutionary and lacks originality.
Gabriel JonesMar 19, 2018
Bleed 2 is a master-class in how to design a sequel. It improves the elements that work, while cutting out everything that didn't quite gel before. The result is a more refined and polished run & gun. Wryn's sword is an awesome addition. All of its new mechanics make for battles that are more dynamic and exciting than ever. A delicious layer of extra content rounds everything out, giving experts more bang for their buck. In short, fans of the original should have already picked this one up by now; it's fantastic.
GameCentralFeb 12, 2018
A knowing tribute to some of the greats of action gaming, and a highly competent 2D shooter in its own right. Great control system that manages to pack in a dizzying array of weapons and abilities, and not seem overbearing. Excellent boss battles and generally good pacing and level design.
Juan GarciaFeb 07, 2018
Bleed 2 es un arcade amable y frenético que no ofrece una gran cantidad de contenido, pero sí que sabe reinventarse para hacer que los 15€ que cuesta resulten bien invertidos. No es el juego más bonito, pero sí uno de los más frenéticos y mejor llevados de los últimos tiempos. Pocos títulos nos permiten tanto con tan poco, y eso hace que la jugabilidad del título sea divertida durante muchas horas más allá del final de su campaña. Podría ser mejor, sí, pero tal y como está resulta condenadamente divertido.
Sergio MartínFeb 09, 2018
Bleed 2 seguramente va a sorprender a muchos usuarios gracias a su elevado ritmo de juego, notable apartado grรกfico y excelente colecciรณn de jefes finales y medios. La aventura principal apenas dura una hora, siendo esta su mayor pega, pero todo lo demรกs nos ha parecido realmente plausible, lo que le convierten en uno de los juegos indie mรกs llamativos de cuantos han aparecido en estos primeros compases de la temporada.