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Collin MacGregorAug 30, 2019
At its best, Blair Witch is a short, but haunting experience that both honors the franchise, while expanding upon its lore. Even with some mediocre combat and puzzle sequences, Blair Witch’s story is captivating from start to finish. Bullet is absolutely adorable and Ellis serves as a complex, but fascinating player character. While it may take a little time to get going, this moody, atmospheric horror game will have you looking over your shoulder.
Brandyn BoydSep 09, 2019
Technical issues aside, Blair Witch makes for a satisfying experience with an oppressive atmosphere, an engaging plot and interesting gameplay mechanics. There’s also plenty of written plot details and collectable items dotted throughout the game, should players enjoy themselves enough to come back and attempt to figure out how to unlock some of alternative endings. Being a horror experience (and one with lots of scripted events) means that the most engaging experience will always be the first run through. At the very least, players can expect the game to be tense, well-paced and imminently memorable.
Jack AllinDec 16, 2019
For a game called Blair Witch, its namesake largely takes a backseat to the skeletons already in the protagonist’s closet when he ventures into her haunted woodland playground. That makes him ripe for the tormenting, but observing the man gradually coming undone under the strain of his own trauma is compelling enough without adding a whole new layer of paranormal misery.
Alyssa MercanteAug 30, 2019
Overall my time in the woods was equal parts freaky and frustrating. When the game works, it really works, blending clever narrative elements, a brilliant score, and psychological suspense. But the occasionally wonky moment and the disruptive bugs hinder the experience, replacing moments that should scare with moments that vex. The Blair Witch is scary, but the bugs are scarier.
William WorrallSep 04, 2019
Blair Witch is an instant classic in terms of a horror game. It pulls off tension-building, forces the player to creep themselves out and does it all with a minimum of jump scares. The story alone is a reason to play. If you're brave enough.
Mark DelaneySep 05, 2019
Its story frustratingly abandons established lore, the gameplay oscillates between sluggish puzzles and flat scares, and if all of that wasn't bad enough, the bugs may keep you from even seeing the credits and finding some closure with this deeply flawed project. You'd probably have a better time actually getting lost in the woods.
Dean JamesAug 30, 2019
The Blair Witch franchise has never been able to capture the magic of the original movie in the years since, but this may be the closest attempt yet thanks to the effective use of a psychological focused story and gameplay that feels fairly fresh within the horror genre.
Jamie BaldockSep 06, 2019
I really enjoyed Blair Witch, it caught the essence of the franchise and definitely gave me nostalgia from the movies – which now I have to watch again. Visuals look great and it plays well, although being a bit short in length I’d recommend this to any horror or franchise fan. Bloober did a pretty good job and I can’t wait to see what they have in store next.
Blair Witch is a polarizing game. On one hand, Bloober Team does a fantastic job crafting an atmospheric and often frightening adventure. On the other hand, the game includes random glitches that require restarting the game to resolve. Making the only thing holding Blair Witch back is the preventable technical issues.
Richard WalkerAug 30, 2019
Managing to make the forest seem oppressive and claustrophobic, Blair Witch is adept at creating a tense and foreboding atmosphere, while weaving a compelling narrative that still proves exciting, even if you've sussed out the final twist hours before the end. You'll never look at trees the same way again.
Sam BishopAug 30, 2019
Even with the disappointing ending, we can thoroughly recommend Blair Witch. It's Bloober Team's best work to date and is a treat for not only Blair Witch fans but horror enthusiasts as well. It's effective and really put us on edge as we made our way through the forest, just as we remember doing back in 1999 when we saw three filmmakers get lost in the woods as well.
Kaan SerinSep 03, 2019
Ultimately, Blair Witch on Xbox One is at its best when it returns to the crippling paranoia and dread that made the original movie so mesmerising. The moments where the threat is unseen and the sounds are far away are Blair Witch’s best. An intriguing, psychological story and a perfect recreation of the Black Hills woods only amplify the game’s non-stop tension. Some technical hiccups and out of place combat isn’t enough to stop this from being Bloober Team’s scariest game to date, and the best Blair Witch entry since 1999.
GameCentralSep 02, 2019
It’s not the scariest survival horror we’ve ever played but it has some interesting ideas and even though you’re on your own it’s an impressively good adaptation of the films. The same team have proven they can do better when making something original, but we still enjoyed this more than the film remake and that’s a notable achievement for any tie-in.
Lee MehrSep 13, 2019
Overall, Blair Witch occupies this strange middle ground: a mishmash of quality baseline mechanics that aren’t utilized to their logical extent.
A.J. MaciejewskiSep 02, 2019
Blair Witch is more of an exercise in tedium than it is an immersive atmospheric horror experience. There are some clever mechanics and a ton of replay incentives yet the campaign manages to derail from its promising premise thus making the rest of the story fall flat.
James MitchellSep 03, 2019
Blair Witch is the best Blair Witch game yet. However, its willingness to get you lost can be frustrating despite being so authentic to the franchise. Regardless, despite some uneven presentation, Blair Witch is a passionate love letter to the first and third films in the franchise. It manages to maintain its scares from beginning to end, even if it becomes a little predictable.
Xavi MogrovejoAug 30, 2019
Bloober Team vuelve a demostrar de manera sólida que sabe moverse sin problemas por el género de terror. Blair Witch funciona a las mil maravillas como adaptación libre del lore de El proyecto de la bruja de Blair. Su terror centrado en lo psicológico esquivando todo lo posible los sustos físicos son un acierto que harán que los jugadores caigan hipnotizados en las pesadillas de la bruja que habita el bosque de Black Hills.
PAMELASep 09, 2019
Blair Witch no es un juego radical, pero sí uno que te enganchará una vez que lo empieces a jugar. Su estética y lógica de acertijos es ingeniosa, por lo cual es un claro peldaño por encima de Layers of Fear.
Fabio RodriguezSep 06, 2019
En definitiva: Blair Witch apuesta por una historia propia con el refuerzo de su universo cinematográfico, turbio y asolador. Una historia que, si bien nos ha hecho pasar un buen rato frente a la pantalla, se queda a medio gas entre algo interesante que contar con grandes ideas, y un desarrollo insustancial y a veces anodino. Mecánicas como el uso de nuestro perro, o la utilización de la videocámara han sido grandes aciertos en términos generales.
Juan RubioAug 30, 2019
Blair Witch es un juego correcto con un final sobresaliente. Nos habría encantado que profundizara más en este diseño, muy en la línea de Layers of Fear, pero aun así es bastante entretenido.
Guillermo NavarreteSep 04, 2019
Blair Witch es un juego que demanda atención, y cuando se la das recibes a cambio una experiencia intensa y memorable que vale la pena experimentar sin importar si has visto alguna de las películas o sólo quieres probarlo porque está en Xbox Game Pass. La producción es modesta pero sumamente bien ejecutada, la rima perfecta para aquel falso documental que cambió el mundo de las películas de terror hace 20 años y, por esto, lo recomendamos ampliamente.
Alejandro PascualSep 05, 2019
Blair Witch es un interesante acercamiento al mito de las películas por parte de Bloober, que aprovecha la situación para seguir añadiendo mecánicas a su terror más exploratorio de sus anteriores proyectos. Sin embargo, falta desarrollo en dichas mecánicas que se sienten apresuradas, mientras que falla en expandir la mitología del universo de la Bruja de Blair, concentrándose más en la historia personal de un protagonista algo soso. Pese a su ritmo in crescendo, al final de la noche Blair Witch no logra atrapar tanto como lo hace la propia bruja con sus víctimas.
Sascha PenzhornAug 30, 2019
Gruseliges Action-Adventure mit grandioser Atmosphäre, ein paar Story-Schwächen und spielerischen Längen.
CarnbeeAug 30, 2019
En se servant de la forêt de Black Hills pour invoquer la sorcière de Blair, les développeurs de Bloober ont fait de bons tours sans pour autant réaliser un miracle. Comme attendu, Blair Witch plonge le joueur dans une forêt inquiétante où la raison meurt comme les feuilles en automne. Les mécaniques liées à l’utilisation des accessoires, en plus des compétences du chien, apportent à la profondeur de jeu ce qu’elles font perdre à la tension. Le scénario convenu et les grosses ficelles en termes de mise en scène entachent à peine le bon ressenti que l’on a à l’issue de cette tumultueuse balade.
Laurely BirbaSep 03, 2019
Alors que l’on s’attendait à ce que Blair Witch soit une ode à l’épouvante, le jeu de Bloober Team emprunte plutôt la même voie qu’Eternal Darkness : Sanity’s Requiem avec un certain talent. Personnage à part entière, la forêt de Black Hills inquiète par les créatures qui y rôdent, mais aussi les hallucinations auxquelles est confronté Ellis. Quant à Bullet, fidèle parmi les fidèles, c'est un compagnon solide sur lequel on peut s’appuyer pour se repérer dans les bois, même si ce sont surtout les cassettes vidéo qui apportent de la finesse aux mécaniques.
Simone RampazziAug 30, 2019
Blair Witch è un titolo che cerca di fare il proprio mestiere senza darci traccia delle sue mosse, peccato però che a lungo andare il gioco perda il mordente utile a tenere alta l’attenzione del giocatore, che presto comincia a percepire uno spiacevole senso di delusione. Inutile sottolineare quanto Bloober Team abbia voluto mettersi in gioco facendo affidamento a nuove meccaniche ludiche, ma l’ispirazione sembra perdersi con la stessa cadenza con cui il passato di Ellis cerca di emergere.
Mirko RuscianoSep 05, 2019
Personalmente ho trovato l’esperienza con Blair Witch a tratti tediosa e non molto coinvolgente. L’atmosfera è sicuramente carina, ma nulla che in altri titoli di questo tipo non si sia già visto. La trama ha buoni presupposti, ma purtroppo viene eccessivamente banalizzata e le meccaniche di gioco non introducono nulla di particolare tranne che per il cane, con il quale comunque si poteva fare molto di più.
Theo WeberOct 04, 2019
Allereerst is het een hele korte game die maar een uurtje of vijf duurt als je alles goed onderzoekt. Daarbij gebeurt er onderweg vrij weinig op horrorgebied, maar ben je meer aan het puzzelen in een griezelige setting dan aan het rillen van angst. Je moet dan ook goed doorbijten wil je richting het einde komen van de game. Maar als je daar eenmaal aankomt, kun je smullen van een uur aan horror en ronduit vreemde elementen. Blair Witch is dan ook een game die je zeker eens moet spelen, maar dan wel tussen de toppers door.
Filip GrabskiAug 30, 2019
Jeżeli oglądaliście którykolwiek film z serii (a muszę tu zaznaczyć, że ta wiedza nie jest potrzebna – gra to produkt samodzielny), dobrze wiecie, że las Black Hills to miejsce urokliwe tylko na samym początku. Im robi się w nim ciemniej, tym z nami dzieje się gorzej. Sprawująca pieczę nad tym terytorium nienamacalna siła zaczyna działać coraz mocniej. Ludzie „gubią czas”, różne ścieżki w niewyjaśniony sposób prowadzą w te same miejsca, słychać dziwne odgłosy (a może szepty?), a wszystkie złe wspomnienia i myśli nagle zyskują wagę tysiąca słońc i nie sposób się od nich opędzić.
saverSep 03, 2019
Celkovo sa v Blair Witch vývojársky Bloober tím veľmi pekne vytiahol. Po takom váhavom a menej hororovom Layers of Fear 2 je Blair Witch priam parádny príklad toho, ako má vyzerať psychologická hororová hra. Je strašidelná, temná a hlavne atmosferická. Síce nie je dokonalá a vedenie cez prostredia mohlo byť lepšie spravené bez blúdenia a zbytočnej temnoty, ale pes je jedinečný prídavok. Rovnako ako pretáčanie kamier, zmeny času a rôzne ďalšie tajomné veci, o ktorých do poslednej chvíle neviete, čo si máte myslieť. Jednoducho pôsobivé.