Black Paradox for Xbox One
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Black Paradox

May 3, 2019
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Year 5027, humanity has conquered all of the galaxy, but Earth’s government isn’t able to keep its many territories under control. Many space criminals rage freely and plunder any poor soul unlucky enough to get in their aims. The only one trying to maintain order are the bounty hunter “Black Paradox”, hunting down wanted criminals to cash in the bounty on their heads. Black paradox is a side-scrolling old-school shoot’em up, that features stunning pixel art visuals and electronic music, blended in a synthwave retro-feeling that pays homage to the 80s’ imaginary shared by videogames, music and movies. The game also features a complete co-op experience that makes it possible for a friend to join the battle right from the beginning.

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Jamie CollyerMay 02, 2019
Rogue-lites are hardly a rare sight these days, but rarely does one catch the eye like this. With its grindy upgrade system and a few minor issues aside, the game consistently bombards its players with fast and frantic play that’s utterly engaging and constantly rewarding. It helps that the whole ordeal not only looks stunning, but sounds magnificent. Black Paradox, moment to moment, is an absolute blast that should not be overlooked.
Javier ArteroJun 03, 2019
Black Paradox es un shooter de naves bastante correcto en diseño y ejecución. Resulta divertido y su propuesta de repetir una y otra vez las misiones para conseguir mejoras, engancha. Sin embargo, la sensación de repetición en sus escenarios procedurales es constante, y no todo el mundo tendrá la paciencia suficiente para dedicar las horas que requiere para llegar a ser los suficientemente poderosos como para completarlo. Técnicamente cumple y el control responde, por lo que resulta ser una buena alternativa si eres aficionado al género.
SirFran SneeMay 07, 2019
Black Paradox è uno shoot’em up di buon livello tecnico, non presenta bug o impedimenti alla giocabilità, ma un comparto grafico e un sonoro in riferimento a un terreno già sondato da altri titoli, che lo rendono abbastanza simile e facilmente assimilabile a questi. E’ a tutti gli effetti un titolo da tenere d’occhio: grazie a livelli generati casualmente, moltissime armi e la modalità co-op, la longevità dell’opera è notevole, conquistando un punto decisivo a suo favore. Se siete fan del genere, potrebbe fare al caso vostro.

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