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Sam LoveridgeMay 24, 2021
It's such a shame, because there is a great game in here. Biomutant's world and its characters are wonderful and brilliantly silly, but these elements clash against some of the more serious elements of the core story. The intensely formulaic and repetitive moments distract from the brilliant ones that'll have you nodding in approval, or laughing at its bizarreness.
Ashley BatesMay 24, 2021
Biomutant has a lot of issues that more lenient players might be willing to look past for its fantastic strengths, but the overall package is a tough sell.
Ken McKownMay 24, 2021
Biomutant is a game I had issues with, but could not stop exploring the world. It has its issues for sure. The combat feels extremely unsatisfying at times and the repeated designs are disappointing. Still, there is nothing quite like this game and I adore that. It reminds me of getting unique experiences that we just don’t see in this new world.
Graham CameronMay 24, 2021
One could say they also ticked boxes that didn’t need to be there like the light and dark auras, as I didn’t feel it offered much to the game. But don’t let that detract away from the experience as is was massively fun to play and there are so many side quests to complete that you could have just as much fun exploring as playing through the story.
Luke ReillyMay 24, 2021
With excellent enemy creature design, a rich and diverse world, and piles and piles of choice when it comes to combat and customisation, Biomutant has a lot of the building blocks of a top-drawer action RPG. It’s really missing only a few, but they’re big ones: its cookie-cutter approach to objectives and puzzles feels two-or-so generations off the pace of other open-world action games, and that leaves the quest to gather all of the things feeling repetitive early on.
Elton JonesMay 28, 2021
The story dives headfirst into real-world environmental issues and challenges your morality at every turn. Engaging in combat treats you to some of the best (and worst) aspects of the game. And its constant introduction of interesting side characters, vehicles, and new combat maneuvers definitely adds to its fun factor. Biomutant is a bit rough around the edges, but it largely succeeds as a fresh action RPG experience that shouldn’t be ignored.
AlexJun 05, 2021
Matt BianucciMay 24, 2021
So many of its elements, from its morality system to its open world structure, feel ripped straight from other, usually better games. Combine this with a severe tonal conflict and you have a strongly mixed experience. The hook is strong, and the gameplay can be great, especially in those monumental boss fights, but when it comes down to it, I look at Biomutant and I see way too many watered-down components that leave it drowning in its own ambition.
Joseph SaulnierMay 26, 2021
The bottom line is that you really shouldn’t let people dictate what you buy and don’t buy. I am simply here as a guide to let you know my experience with the game. And even though my cons section is definitely longer in length than my pros section, I still absolutely love playing this game.
Heidi NicholasMay 24, 2021
Biomutant really feels like it has so much heart behind it, and that’s more than enough of a pull to keep you coming back for more. You could just focus on those end-game bosses, but it would be a crime to do so — Biomutant’s expansive world offers so much that you’ll lose hours to exploration before even thinking about taking on some of those sidequests.
Daniel HollisJun 15, 2021
Much like the character you create, Biomutant feels like a Frankenstein creation of various ideas. Some are good, some are bad, but the end result is a misshapen product which feels messy and buried in its own ideas. Areas of the game that should have received more attention - like it’s quest design - feel relatively barebones, while others feel overly complex.
Michael GoroffMay 24, 2021
Biomutant is trying to be too many things. It can be fun when you’re comboing supernatural abilities and homemade weaponry to take down a group of bad guys as a furry little post-apocalyptic ronin. But its RPG mechanics are so clunky and uneven, and its various story threads are so underdeveloped, that you’ll end up feeling like nothing you do actually matters.
Jordan HawesMay 25, 2021
It was a long road for Biomutant and I am still impressed how much a twenty person team accomplished. I feel that in a lot of ways Experiment 101 just got too ambitious with this title and it ended up backfiring a bit. Instead of having a hyper focus on its own identity, it instead feels like a compilation of the last ten years of open world action RPGs. I don’t feel Biomutant is a failure since it still offered what I was expecting. A crazy RPG set in a weird setting filled with mutated creatures and fun combat. I definitely I got that. I also unfortunately got way more than expected, which ended up diluting the entire package.
Jason FanelliMay 24, 2021
If you come in expecting a Game of the Year candidate you may leave disappointed, but if you're looking for a new adventure brimming with personality, Biomutant is absolutely worth your time. Just be prepared for that fast travel mechanic; it still shocks me every time.
Alexander CopeMay 24, 2021
Biomutant has an interesting setting and world but is held back by technical issues, an unintuitive combat system, lack of proper characterization, and very repetitive missions.
Lee MehrJun 10, 2021
On occasion, Biomutant's open-world junk food would satiate my cravings – especially when appreciating its splendid art design, but ultimately the fumbles across storytelling, gameplay, and more kept gradually depreciating those highlights. There's a lesson to learn from these examples: instead of forcefully uniting dozens of inspirations, let design-evolution take its course for the strongest elements to win out.
Neil WattonMay 24, 2021
Yet for those failures, and for the slow initial opening hours, once Biomutant gets going, you really get to feel it. The combat is the outstanding element, the chance to dictate your own route through the world is another, and even though visually things occasionally come across as hit or miss, on the whole the Biomutant adventure is one that is utterly engrossing. Give it time and this is one post-apocalyptic kung-fu RPG you won’t be able to tear yourself away from.
Matt LorriganMay 24, 2021
Biomutant is a scrappy and charming open world RPG, but despite its many systems and gameplay mechanics, there isn't enough depth and direction to make this game truly great.
Ben LyonsMay 24, 2021
What I will say is that Biomutant absolutely outperformed my prejudicial expectations. This is a game that plays well, looks great, and is built in a world that I wouldn't mind returning to in the future. Yet, when I stack it up against the titans of RPGs that have debuted recently, it's hard to see a competition.
James BerichMay 21, 2021
Biomutant is a vibrant and beautiful looking game that unsuccessfully attempts to leverage so many different aspects of open-world games from the last decade. It buckles under the weight of its own ambition and is sorely lacking the focus needed to offer a stand-out open-world experience and carve out its own identity.
Kosta AndreadisMay 25, 2021
That sums up Biomutant. An ambitious open-world action-RPG from a new studio that does a lot, but doesn’t do a lot very well. In the end it’s finding new weapons and gear, alongside using new mutations and abilities in combat, that resonates. With less filler and more Kung-Fu killer, this could have been so much more -- with less.
Alejandro CastilloMay 24, 2021
Biomutant no logra dar en el clavo con ninguna de las ideas que propone. En base a un mundo abierto genérico y falto de atractivo a lo largo de las horas, nos encontramos con una mezcla que apunta más allá de lo que realmente podían cumplir.
Alberto PastorMay 24, 2021
Tenía muchas esperanzas puestas en Biomutant y aunque me lo ha hecho pasar muy bien explorando su mundo abierto, es difícil no sentirse decepcionado con algunos aspectos del juego. Su combate es tremendamente divertido, tiene un potencial increíble, pero se echan en falta más combos y enemigos que te obliguen a adoptar estrategias diferentes. Ocurre más de lo mismo con la exploración.
Fran San NicolásMay 24, 2021
Biomutant es un juego que cuenta con una buena base en casi todos sus apartados, pero que no consigue que ninguno de ellos esté pulido al 100%. Da la sensación de que, con un poco más de tiempo para pulir ciertos aspectos, el juego desarrollado por Experiment 101 podría haberse convertido en un auténtico imprescindible para los amantes del Action-RPG.
Pedro Pérez CesariMay 24, 2021
Ahora, si decides darle una oportunidad a Biomutant tampoco creas que la vas a pasar terrible. Es un juego funcional y no me sorprendería que se gane varios fans. Lo jugué por poco más de 30 horas y no la pase mal. Lamentablemente, el sol no se puede tapar con un dedo y eso es insuficiente como para ocultar sus múltiples fallos.
Matthias SchmidMay 24, 2021
Leider hört das altkluge Gelaber nie auf, bleiben die Rätsel armselig, wirken Nebenfiguren lächerlich, versprüht die Welt kaum Reize und erreichen die ständigen Gefechte gegen all die Viecher in ihren besten Momenten höchstens mal solides Niveau. Angesichts der Vorfreude und des charmanten Themas ist das eine herbe Ernüchterung.
Fabien PellegriniMay 24, 2021
Ce système permet par ailleurs de zapper la majorité des quêtes et d'aller droit au but, quitte à louper une bonne partie de l'univers et des mécaniques de jeu concoctées par les développeurs. Ainsi, l'aventure vous occupera une douzaine d'heures ou une soixantaine, selon que vous la parcourrez en ligne droite ou essaierez d'en profiter au maximum.
Jonathan BushleJun 02, 2021
Biomutant est un action RPG mêlant tirs, pouvoirs et corps à corps dans les combats, le tout dans un monde ouvert. Niveau action, ce n'est pas fou, notamment au corps à corps, mais ça fait le boulot. L'aspect monde ouvert est plutôt dirigiste au vu du déroulement de ses quettes, mais on lui pardonnera vu son charme dû à sa direction artistique.
Antonello BelloMay 24, 2021
Se avvicinato con consapevolezza e senza grandi pretese, il comparto artistico piacevole ed il sistema di combattimento possono comunque regalare tante ore di intrattenimento, specie in assenza di validi esponenti del genere ruolistico.
Andrea GiulianiMay 24, 2021
Biomutant è un titolo dall’enorme potenziale che soffre purtroppo di un’uscita troppo in ritardo sul mercato e di alcuni problemi legati ad uno sviluppo travagliato. Se si pensa che il team di Experiment 101 è composto da appena 20 persone e che questo è il loro debutto, il risultato è anzi impressionante, ma l’errore alla base è stato quello di cercare la quantità invece che soffermarsi sulla qualità, andando a perdersi in alcuni dettagli che, se risolti, avrebbero reso il gioco veramente degno di competere anche con i titoli tripla-A.
Samet Basri TaşlıJun 03, 2021
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Κωνσταντίνος ΚαλκάνηςMay 25, 2021
Το περιεχόμενο σε αριθμό είναι εκεί, και ο κόσμος του Biomutant είναι πραγματικά γεμάτος σε κάθε γωνιά του από πράγματα που περιμένουν να ανακαλυφθούν. Απλά του λείπει το βάθος. Θυμίζει μια πισίνα ολυμπιακών διαστάσεων σε μήκος και πλάτος, με το βάθος μιας μπανιέρας.