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Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Jamie BaldockNov 27, 2018
Bendy and the Ink Machine is a pretty good action-horror, and although it can sometimes seem a little bland, you cannot knock it for its originality. There’s a couple of technical and design issues to iron out, but overall, the fresh and distinct look, together with some good scares, will undoubtedly keep your heart racing throughout.
Zack StoutNov 29, 2018
The game is at its best when you’re progressing through engrossing scripted areas and well-crafted set pieces, but sadly those moments are few and far between. If they could have found a way to bypass the recurring key hunting and fetch questing, this would have been a surefire indie horror darling. Instead it falls flatter than a Bendy cutout after a half-assed jump scare.
Sam BishopNov 30, 2018
A comparison with Bioshock can never be a bad thing either, especially when it comes to world-building, and even if it could do with a touch more polish, we'd recommend this for anyone, even younger gamers like those who helped popularise this game in the first place. After all, it is rated 12 and up, so as long as you can take the spooks you're in for a good ride.
Brendan QuinnNov 30, 2018
Bendy and the Ink Machine get big points for the former but fail to hit the mark in the latter. It’s a creepy, original, and interesting game world that is realized in a creative and aesthetically way. Unfortunately, that imaginative atmosphere is filled with boring puzzles and lacklustre combat. It’s certainly worth checking out for the experience but don’t expect much more than that.
Ramón VarelaNov 24, 2018
Bendy and the Ink Machine es el juego de terror y puzles típico de la nueva era independiente, y no trata de ocultarlo. A diferencia de otras propuestas no caerá rápidamente en el olvido gracias a que la ambientación es interesante, sus personajes resultan curiosos y al menos durante nuestra primera partida vamos a querer saber cómo termina.
Laura LunaDec 30, 2018
Henry And The Ink Machine es una aventura de exploración y puzles que retuerce nuestra nostalgia por el cine de animación clásico para encerrarnos en un estudio pesadillesco que hace un uso inteligente de la ambientación. Cada ruido y esquina que doblar nos pondrá tensos y la intriga se mantendrá a lo largo de una partida a la que se van sumando más mecánicas propias del sigilo y el escondite.
Jörg LuiblNov 30, 2018
Doch nach dem statischen Einstieg zieht die Regie an, es gibt einige tolle Szenen, angenehm böse Überraschungen und ebenso sympathische wie durchgeknallte Figuren in einer charmant erzählten Story. Falls ihr für den Winter noch einen Horror-Trip der gemütlichen Art sucht, werdet ihr trotz der spielmechanischen Defizite solide unterhalten.
Győző BakiDec 09, 2018
Bendy and the Ink Machine ha un concetto affascinante unito a uno stile davvero accattivante, rendendo questa breve ma intensa avventura horror in primBendy and the Ink Machine ha un concetto affascinante unito a uno stile davvero accattivante, rendendo questa breve ma intensa avventura horror in prima persona un viaggio folle ma memorabile.