Aftercharge for Xbox One
Xbox One


Jan 10, 2019
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Content Rating: Everyone10+


AFTERCHARGE is a 3 vs 3 competitive game pitting invisible robots against an invincible security squad in high-octane tactical skirmishes. The robots must sneak around to destroy all the energy extractors on the site while the guards are tasked to spot the attackers and stop them.

Critic Reviews

5 Reviews
Anthony BacchusJan 25, 2019
Aftercharge’s unique concept makes it worth checking out. The 3-v-3 setup manages to pack a lot of fun in small doses while also keeping the scales balanced on both sides. Aftercharge forces players to use their heads over their trigger finger and it’s here where the game really begins to shine. It’s a shame then that there just isn’t enough content here to keep players coming back. Aftercharge looks, sounds, and plays the part but as of right now, it could do with a bit more meat on its bones.
Lisa DahlgrenJan 18, 2019
Aftercharge is extremely fast-paced in every sense, the teams are small, the rounds are short, the learning curve is wonderfully tiny but with potential for major league tactics if one's good at the game, the objectives are clear and simple, the maps are small and well designed, and the amount of time spent looking for a match is minimal.
Pedro D'AvilaJan 25, 2019
At the end of the day, I can’t deny that Aftercharge has potential. In fact, I can easily say that Aftercharge is the most fun I’ve had with any multiplayer game for a long time, but the few issues I was able to find make me fear for the title’s longevity in the few upcoming months.


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