AER: Memories of Old for Xbox One
Xbox One

AER: Memories of Old

Oct 25, 2017
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Developer: Forgotten Key
Content Rating: Everyone10+


AER puts players in the shoes of Auk, a pilgrim girl, to explore an unbelievable open world beneath her feet and wings. Wings? Yes, indeed! Auk has a rare gift: She can turn into a bird and is one of the few people who can reach even the most remote places in her homeland of flying islands, in search for the “Memories of the Past”. On her journey she encounters other shape shifters, visits the ruins of the old gods and has to face dark creatures to revive the world of AER from menacing shadows.

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Mark SherwoodOct 24, 2017
AER Memories of Old is a gorgeous yet short adventure that will captivate you from the moment you pick up the pad and keep firm hold of your attention until the moment you put it down. Issues with the storytelling and the lack of things to do despite the several islands you can land on will upset a band of players that appreciate stumbling off the beaten path, but it’s almost forgivable when you take the generous price tag into account. When all is said and done, AER Memories of Old will offer you a well rounded journey that houses a great deal of intrigue and charm.
Mick FraserNov 21, 2017
The one thing Aer nails is, to be fair, its most important element: the sense of flight and freedom is wonderful as you leap into apparent oblivion only to rise again with the tap of a button. The speed and altitude feel exhilarating – it’s just a shame there isn’t much to do in between flights.
Tyler SchurwanNov 09, 2017
Featuring a stunning low-poly art style, a wonderfully well-integrated soundtrack, an ingeniously simple control scheme, an interesting transformation mechanic, and impressively designed temples, AER has a lot going for it. It’s unfortunate that the experience is as short as it is and there is no way to keep track of what’s been seen. A few more environmental puzzles and a simple journal would fix my only complaints about this exploration-heavy title.

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