A Plague Tale: Innocence for Xbox One
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A Plague Tale: Innocence

May 14, 2019
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Developer: Asobo Studio
Content Rating: Mature


Follow the grim tale of Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history. Hunted by the Inquisition and surrounded by unstoppable swarms of rats, they will struggle to survive and fight to find purpose in this brutal, unforgiving world.

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Apr 25, 2021

Overall somewhere between good and great. The first half of the game is rather boring. The story dragged on, the characters were mostly uninteresting and the gameplay got repetitive pretty fast. But then something clicked. The plot got very intriguing, the characters likeable and the gameplay had some decent variety. It was a very „nice“ experience, brought some innovation to gameplay and I encourage you to try it out yourself (100 % if you have Game Pass). Oh yes, I almost forgot: The graphics were outstanding. I promise you, you‘ll enjoy the beautiful landscapes and cities, villages, etc. The rat swarms were also disgustingly beautiful.

Side note: Sometimes the game was a little frustrating, because the checkpoints or enemies aren‘t that well placed. But only a minor issue, it doesn‘t happen often.

Nov 20, 2020
Great storyline and had some difficulty which kept me intrigued.
Sebastian Skała

Sebastian Skała

Apr 4, 2021
Borcean Iasmin

Borcean Iasmin

Oct 19, 2020
sefa uzun

sefa uzun

Oct 4, 2020


Sep 10, 2020
xSir Isaac

xSir Isaac

Jul 1, 2020

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Miserable ScribeMay 16, 2019
This game is surely not for everyone. It focuses heavily on its story and it’s not trying to be something it isn’t. You won’t get some flashy action sequences here, nor will you get to slash through your enemies like a hot knife through butter. But you will get to experience a journey filled with love and hate, friendship and sorrow, sadness and joy, and you will definitely enjoy every step of the way.
Josh WiseMay 13, 2019
A Plague Tale: Innocence has some clunky writing in places, and its play gets stale after a time, but it prevails with a compelling mystery and a beautiful world.
Shubhankar ParijatMay 13, 2019
A Plague Tale: Innocence isn't the largest, most expansive game you'll ever play, nor does it accomplish new things in the areas where it does place its ambitions, but it's stronger for it. It's a focused story-driven experience completely free of bloat or unnecessary attempts at lengthening its runtime, and knows exactly what it wants to do. It delivers an emotional and effective tale, while also implementing simple mechanics in constantly engaging ways to make sure that it's not always all about the story.