XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Oct 9, 2012

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About this game

Developer: Firaxis Games
Content Rating: Mature


Threatened by an unknown enemy, the Earth’s governments unite to form a secret paramilitary organization, known as XCOM, to combat this extraterrestrial attack. As the commander of XCOM, you control the global defense team in a battle against a terrifying alien invasion. Control the fate of the human race by creating and managing a fully operational base, researching alien technologies, planning combat missions, and controlling soldier movement in battle.

Critic Reviews

19 Reviews
Josh WirtanenOct 10, 2012
As far as aesthetic, Enemy Unknown has a couple weird things going on. While the battlefields look great, displaying an obvious attention to detail, the cutscenes will leave you unimpressed. There are choppy animations, awkward facial movements, poor character models, and flat textures. Additionally, there are times in combat when the camera will zoom in to highlight a specific moment, and these moments are quite often awkward.
William SchwartzOct 09, 2012
It’s a better looking game than what is usually expected from within the genre, even if it is a bit flat on consoles. Combat and controls are intuitive, right down to the menu systems that control it all behind the scenes. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is another well crafted strategy title from Sid Meier and Firaxis Games, but if you were expecting anything different, you haven’t been paying attention to the last decade or so.
Steve ButtsOct 08, 2012
XCOM is a great addition to the strategy genre, complete with an engaging campaign full of tension and challenges. The characters grow in satisfying ways, but the tactical game doesn't ever quite give players enough room to make the most of their abilities.

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