X-Men: Destiny for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

X-Men: Destiny

Sep 27, 2011
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Developer: Silicon Knights
Content Rating: Teen


In this third-person action/RPG, X-Gene enhancements deliver a deeper level of customization to players’ powers, with a chance for players to experience the abilities of their favorite X-Men mutants. Gamers will evolve their mutant skills in unique ways and engage in fast and furious combat, spectacular combo-driven attacks and rewarding finishing moves against a variety of opponents bent on defending their beliefs.

Critic Reviews

15 Reviews
Matt MillerSep 27, 2011
Add in some middling environment and character visuals on top of the lackluster gameplay, and X-Men Destiny has some big problems. Five years ago, I would have a lot more positive things to share about the game, but action titles have advanced in that time, and Destiny doesn’t keep pace
Carolyn PetitSep 29, 2011
On top of it all, Destiny is an ugly game. The simple character models and muddy textures make it look like it was made several years ago, and the unattractive effects that accompany your powers make them feel underwhelming. You can breeze through this adventure in under six hours, but the gameplay is so shallow that you won't be left wanting more, and because your choices have so little impact
Susan ArendtOct 07, 2011
With a running time of just about 4 hours from start to finish, it seems obvious that you're meant to play X-Men Destiny with all three characters, but there's no reason to. It's repetitive, ugly, stupid, and boring

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