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Two Worlds II

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Andrew GroenJan 25, 2011
Two Worlds 2 is an improvement, but not a complete success. It still has many areas that need a lot of work, but if you can get over those parts then you'll have a good time exploring the rich, vibrant game world.
Phil KollarJan 25, 2011
Like other games that could fit under the B-game label, not everyone will embrace the elements I enjoyed in Two Worlds II. If you're looking for a lengthy and humorous (if somewhat unpolished) hack-and-slash RPG to tide you over while you wait for Dragon Age II or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it's worth giving Reality Pump a second chance.
Edge StaffFeb 21, 2011
In fact, this exemplifies Two Worlds 2: fun concepts brought low by crummy execution
Justin McElroyJan 25, 2011
There are parts of me that are objectively bad, yes. But there are also things that are just obtuse or antiquated, and if people can look past that stuff or even embrace it, there's absolute merit to me. We live in an era where so many of the biggest hits are cynical, soulless affairs squarely targeted at the lowest common denominator.
Nic VargusFeb 03, 2011
That seems to be the case with most parts of Two Worlds II. Though there’s a lot to love and a rich world to invest yourself in, it’ll require more than a little forgiving on your part. Unfortunately, TWII would have benefited hugely from a few more months of developing, and it might still just be a few updates away from becoming something worthy of a better score.
Jim SterlingJan 31, 2011
Two Worlds II requires patience and forgiveness, and many won't give it the chance it deserves. One cannot deny the lack of polish and the archaic, old fashioned interface and features, yet one also must acknowledge the powerful pull that this game has. There's an appeal to this game that far outshines the ancient husk that it is presented in -- a truly rewarding, rich and amusing experience that takes hold of a player and never lets go until it's over.
Kevin VanOrdFeb 01, 2011
Great quests and hidden caches of treasure make this an inviting world to explore, and the ease of travel ensures that exploration is never a frustration. Great writing, memorable characters, and beautiful visuals could have taken Two Worlds II to the next level, but even without them, there is enough combat and mission variety to keep you busy and happy for dozens of hours.
Mike ChannellFeb 07, 2011
Massive, rubbish but strangely compelling
VGChartz StaffJan 26, 2011
One thing is for sure, Two Worlds II shows that the franchise has some promise for lasting appeal. Considering the stain of the first game in the franchise, I’d say that Two Worlds II is one of the best franchise turnarounds in recent memory.
Justin AmirkhaniJan 29, 2011
Two Worlds II is much improved over its universally detested predecessor, but not nearly enough to call it enjoyable.
Ramón Méndez GonzálezNov 25, 2010
Pese a ser un RPG y, como tal, contar con una importante complejidad de sistema de juego, opciones, cosas por hacer, etcétera, lo cierto es que Two Worlds II no resulta especialmente sorprendente en ninguno de sus aspectos.
PixelpirateNov 26, 2010
Une chose est sûre : Two Worlds II va diviser les adeptes de jeux de rôle autant qu'avait pu le faire son prédécesseur. Certains loueront son système de jeu intéressant et extrêmement complet et savoureront la délicieuse montée en puissance arrachée au prix d'un départ douloureux. Les autres pointeront sa jouabilité laborieuse, sa surface de jeu somme toute réduite pour un open world et ses doublages en français monstrueusement mauvais.
Bas GuytNov 29, 2010
Two Worlds II is een prima RPG die bij elke liefhebber van dit genre in de smaak zal vallen. Reality Pump heeft het eerste deel op alle vlakken volledig weten te overtreffen en dat valt te prijzen. De serie heeft alle elementen in huis voor een topgame, maar laat helaas op enkele punten wat steken vallen.
Viktor ErikssonDec 06, 2010
För Two Worlds 2 är ett spel som trots allt har hjärtat på rätta stället och det är svårt att inte bli lite smittad av dess fascination över magiska svärd, skatter, trollkarlar med spetsiga hattar, dinosaurier, samurajer, prinsessor, drakar och demoner. I rätt sinnesstämning kan det bli en riktigt stämningsfull resa. För kom igen nu. Det är ändå ganska häftigt med stora muskler och coola vapen.