Two Worlds for Xbox 360
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Two Worlds

Aug 24, 2007
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Developer: Reality Pump
Content Rating: Mature


The world changed when Aziraal, the god of war, was slain in the huge battle long ago. The hordes of Orcs lost their divine leader and were forced to withdraw to the southern wastelands. Now, thousands of years later, the location of Aziraal's tomb is still unknown, well hidden by other gods who did not dare to entrust the secret to mere mortals.

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jkdmediaSep 13, 2007
Mayhap it’s the Oblivion fan in me that feels that no similar RPG can compete with it but this game makes a worthwhile attempt that gives gamers enough to see and do. Two Worlds aims high and delivers a flawed-yet-decent role-playing game that is lengthy and occasionally fun. If you’re a devoted fan of open-world RPGS, a deep story and customizing your character anyway you like then you might just want to consider buying this game.
Matt WalkerAug 23, 2007
My biggest gripe about the riding functions on this game are that it is not that easy to control your animal. After all, you control the movement and direction of your character with such ease, but the animals have their own set of movements, and you are controlled with only one control scheme rather than two.
Brett ToddAug 31, 2007
If you appreciate ambitious RPGs, seek out Two Worlds. It won't make you forget about Oblivion, but Reality Pump's take on heroic fantasy adventure is good enough to consume many, many hours of your spare time. Even though there are some flaws here, especially with the 360 version of the game, this is a solid role-playing experience.

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