Tropico 4 for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Tropico 4

Oct 21, 2011
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Developer: Haemimont Games
Content Rating: Teen


The world is changing and Tropico is moving with the times – geographical powers rise and fall and the world market is dominated by new players with new demands and offers -- and you, as El Presidente, face a whole new set of challenges. If you are to triumph over your naysayers you will need to gain as much support from your people as possible. Your decisions will shape the future of your nation, and more importantly, the size of your off-shore bank account.

Critic Reviews

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Nathan GraysonJun 24, 2012
It's certainly got the “accessibility” part down, and – despite its lack of long-term appeal – it's a uniquely humorous city builder that's worth a look on the merits of its well-honed core mechanics alone. As a sequel, though, Tropico 4's just passable. If only its developers had time control powers; then maybe they'd have eased off the fast forward button and taken the time to flesh out their game.
Adam BiessenerSep 20, 2011
Digging into the finer points of hiring/firing workers, arresting malcontents, and managing building modes is a pain on the controller (and you’ll want to do violence to the 360 d-pad if you don’t have one of the new improved ones), but top-level stuff works fine. Overlook the occasional framerate dips and the awful sound bug and you’ll find one of the best city builders in years here.
Florian VelterDec 27, 2011
Tropico 4 ne réinvente donc pas la série mais la fait évoluer dans le bon sens. Le titre conserve l’ambiance décalée et latino qui fait son identité et son succès. L’humour grinçant des situations et le cynisme des dialogues vous arracheront forcément un sourire. On peut également se féliciter de la profondeur du gameplay, toujours au rendez-vous-même si les développeurs d’Haemimont l’ont rendu plus accessible aux néophytes et moins lassant pour les habitués.

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