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Russ PittsDec 14, 2010
Tron: Evolution gets so much right, it's easy to forget it's a licensed game. It is at once familiar and brand new, and when it connects the dots it is as satisfying a game experience as they come. The good news is it rarely misses. It may not re-write the book on action games, but for licenses, it just might.
Game TrailersDec 14, 2010
Tron: Evolution isn't a total failure, just a disappointment for fans hoping for something as innovative as the original film was back in the day
Taylor CockeDec 23, 2010
Tron: Evolution is a mess of poorly implemented ideas and sloppy mechanics boiling down to a game that offers very little even to its most hardcore fans.
Amanda L. KondolojyDec 07, 2010
It really is a shame that a game based on a franchise that is all about a "real" video game world, the game that ties-in with the movie franchise doesn't stand out. Though the game does look nice, it seems that beauty, even on the Grid, is only pixel-deep.
Randolph RamsayDec 13, 2010
You don't have to be a fan of the TRON universe to enjoy Evolution. Running through its digital world provides plenty of fun, and while its combat isn't too taxing, there are still enough good moments to make the experience worthwhile. It may lose steam well before its downbeat ending, but TRON: Evolution is a still worthwhile trip into the realm of the digital.
Cameron LewisDec 07, 2010
How cruelly ironic that a game filled with gleaming, glossy surfaces would be in such dire need of polish
Jeff GerstmannDec 01, 2010
That said, as a guy that appreciated Tron back when it was released who is already interested in seeing the new movie, the way Evolution fleshes out the world and sets up the events of Tron: Legacy makes it a lot more interesting than it would have been otherwise.
Jeff CorkDec 07, 2010
Tron: Evolution will probably have a handful of defenders, but I can’t reasonably suggest that anyone play it. It’s a shoddy experience that ultimately isn’t much fun. Tron superfans would do better simply watching the movie again and calling it a day.
Dan WhiteheadNov 29, 2010
The sum total, therefore, is a game that entertains without inspiring, doing enough to settle comfortably into the realms of "good" while never exerting the additional effort required to raise expectations any higher. You'll come to the end of each level and struggle to remember what you just did to get there.
OXM StaffDec 16, 2010
Some great ideas, but derezzes in its execution
Sylvain ChatelainFeb 03, 2011
Avec ce jeu d'aventure-action phosphorescent, Disney Interactive aura du mal à séduire les joueurs au-delà des fans purs et durs. L'univers est original, grâce au style visuel immédiatement identifiable du film, mais le gameplay est beaucoup plus quelconque.
DinowanFeb 04, 2011
A moins d'être un inconditionnel absolu de Tron, peu regardant sur le gameplay, on aura du mal à conseiller l'achat de cette préquelle au second film. Répétitif à souhait, laborieux sur bien des points, il peine à éveiller l'intérêt en solo. Seul son multi sympathique lui sauve la mise avec ses affrontements faisant intervenir quantité de Light Cycles. Maigre consolation.
Pierre DelormeFeb 03, 2011
Tron Evolution n’a rien d’un hit, c'est certain. Pourtant, en faisant la comparaison avec d’autres adaptations ciné en jeux vidéo, le titre de Disney est loin d'être honteux. Malgré une certaine répétitivité, quelques carences techniques et une caméra hasardeuse, Tron Evolution dispose de quelques qualités, parmi lesquelles une bonne fidélité à l'univers des films, un gameplay plutôt fourni et un mode online qui réhausse le niveau global. Très sincèrement, on s’attendait à pire !
Filippo FacchettiDec 02, 2010
In TRON: Evolution l'obiettivo è lo stesso ma questa volta, oltre a potersi esibire nelle classiche curve ad angolo retto, le moto possono girare più dolcemente e perfino effettuare dei lunghi balzi. Questo permette di sfruttare un maggior numero di strategie, ma riduce notevolmente la tensione che stava alla base delle gare dei vecchi giochi di Tron.
Theo WeberJan 23, 2011
TRON is een game die zeker beter scoort dan de gemiddelde filmgame. Dit komt door de vrijheid die Disney heeft gecreëerd door het verhaal tussen de films in te plaatsen. Als je het verhaal uit de eerste film niet kent, mis je alleen wel de hele clue van het spel, wat erg jammer is.
Jonas ElfvingDec 03, 2010
Tron: Evolution är långt från något mästerverk och inget som kommer att förändra någon genre åt något håll. Det orkar dock upp till en svag sjua och jag kan rekommendera det till dig som är ett fan av såväl Tron-universumet eller bara lättsmält tredjepersonsaction. Smidigheten online är något andra spel bör ta efter. Och en light cycle är trots allt alltid en light cycle.


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