Torchlight for Xbox 360
Xbox 360


Mar 9, 2011
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Developer: Runic Games
Content Rating: Teen


The discovery of a rich vein of powerful but dangerous magic ore has turned the sleepy village of Torchlight into a thriving boomtown. Players risk their lives to explore randomly arranged dungeons in a variety of treacherous and exciting settings, learning spectacular skills and finding the most exquisite and powerful treasures.

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Neil Yamit

Neil Yamit

Oct 11, 2019

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Brett ToddMar 04, 2011
Torchlight might not break any new ground, but it remains an inspired reimagining of the hack-and-slash RPG formula. While the lack of multiplayer might keep it out of the big leagues for some players, it is still a great solo dungeon crawl with the ability to eat up a lot of your spare time.
Steve HaskeMar 09, 2011
Reviewing a game like Torchlight is almost unnecessary. Diablo clones are hardly a new concept, and with the rave reviews this particular one received last year, it's kind of a given that its second iteration would be good—you could almost just get away with saying that the transfer from PC to console is smooth and works well. However, if you're a console-owning fan of the genre, this is still great news. Just be wary of loot addiction and you'll be fine.
Adam BiessenerMar 09, 2011
For all that, it's a better dungeon crawler than most everything else that has been released post-Diablo II. Torchlight is a celebration of the silly fun of building an overpowered hero and tearing through hordes of monsters. We'd all love co-op (which is coming in the sequel, announced last year), but my advice is to appreciate Torchlight for what it is rather than complaining that it's not what you want your perfect dungeon crawler to be. You won't be disappointed.

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