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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

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Vaughn SmithDec 20, 2005
THAW is sure to please almost everyone who said "WTF?" when playing THUG 2. The story mode is fun, funny and yet not absurd enough to wonder what drugs were abused during development time. As mentioned this installment will gently ease any players back into the Tony Hawk series and while there is perhaps a little too much handholding at times, vets can always ramp up the difficulty as they see fit.
Xbox 360 - The Official Xbox MagazineDec 02, 2005
All in all, it's a good bit of Tony Hawk. Not exactly groundbreaking and there are very few noticeable play alterations, but it plays well on the Xbox 360 controller thanks to the repositioned Black and White shoulder buttons (the buffers). Plus, the marginally enhanced high-defi nition look just about makes it worth getting in preference to the Xbox version.
Chris RoperNov 15, 2005
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland is the best game the series has seen since Pro Skater 4. Its return to the purer aspects of skating is quite welcome, and the game feels much more focused as a result.
JihemNov 28, 2005
Cela dit, à part le BMX, ce volet n'offre que peu de nouveautés pour le fan de la première heure. Certes, la découverte des quartiers de la ville a son charme, mais il faut savoir que le fond peine à se renouveler. Compte tenu de l'aspect graphique très décevant et du prix du jeu (plus cher que l'édition Xbox tout court), même les vrais mordus de la série devront réfléchir à deux fois avant de se décider.