TimeShift for Xbox 360
Xbox 360


Oct 30, 2007
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Developer: Saber Interactive
Content Rating: Mature


The megalomaniacal Dr. Krone has created a disturbing alternate reality. Armed with the experimental Beta Suit, you alone can SLOW, STOP, and REVERSE the flow of time itself. Perfect this ability to end Krone's madness. Join the battle for survival and lead the uprising to victory.

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Earnest CavalliNov 07, 2007
The game is a solid, creative FPS that brings a lot of new ideas to the genre, despite its minor flaws. Unfortunately, due to the short story, and multiplayer overshadowed by better games, spending more than you'd need to to rent this thing from Blockbuster would just be a waste of money that you'll probably need to purchase food, or paper towels for some reason.
Game TrailersNov 01, 2007
The creative single-player campaign will keep you playing for a while, and the rockin’ multiplayer options will keep you coming back for more. TimeShift deserves your attention
D'Marcus BeattyOct 30, 2007
Overall, TimeShift is a decent shooter with a gimmick that sets it apart. Without the time shifting abilities, TimeShift would have been a less than mediocre shooter, especially considering some of the amazing FPS games that it has to compete with. The time manipulation gimmick makes TimeShift an enjoyable if forgettable experience.

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