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Sebastian HaleyApr 11, 2012
Part of that disbelief will undoubtedly come from how poorly the Tekken characters’ signature style and feel were retained during the conversion, and the rest will come from the major bugs, missing features, and locked content. While there is a competent fighter to be had, the woeful way in which Capcom has blatantly stripped out significant chunks and promised features, or locked away vital content that already exists on the disc, all with the vile intent of having you pay for it again, makes this a hard game to recommend.
Alexandra HallMar 05, 2012
Long story shorter, whereas the Street Fighter characters tend to have smaller, more easily understandable move sets, the Tekken fighters have larger arsenals that often blur the line between special moves and normals. As a result, they’re often tougher to pick up and understand at a glance, particularly for those of us without recent Tekken experience. Figuring out how to combine all of these often similar-looking attacks into a cohesive offense is definitely a learning process that will benefit from practice, shared community knowledge, and FAQs.
Brandon ThompsonMar 05, 2012
From an awesome character roster of 38 characters, great replay value with the ability to have up to four players, and satisfying in-depth fighting mechanics that don’t prohibit new players coming to the world of Street Fighter, what more can you ask for? The story is a little disappointing and the trial mode could use a little more explanation for rookies, but these issues are petty if you look at the game as a complete package.
Jeff GerstmannMar 19, 2012
It's a shame that the online is so off, because like I said before, the core of Street Fighter X Tekken is really cool. Even if you decide to ignore the Tekken characters, the fighters you know well from previous Capcom fighting games feel different because of the game's juggle system. And the Tekken fighters bring the whole thing up to a rather large roster of playable characters, giving you plenty--almost too much, actually--to learn.
Chris CarterMay 03, 2012
It’s hard to tell whether or not Street Fighter X Tekken will blow up like Street Fighter IV did with the competitive community, but given how good it is, I hope it does. Despite the lack of story options, there’s plenty of solid gameplay to be had here, and the online features are going to keep people playing for quite a while. Namco has its work cut out for them with Tekken X Street Fighter.
Jordan MalloryMar 12, 2012
Street Fighter X Tekken's excellent engine is enough to carry the game. Delve any deeper, however, and that excellence serves only to highlight each tragic decision that frames it. Capcom has spent countless hours meticulously crafting the gaming equivalent of a Ferrari 458's V8 engine, only to shove it under the hood of a 1987 Chevy Caprice on cinderblocks.
Jeff CorkMar 06, 2012
If you’re a casual player looking for some throwaway fighting fun, this isn’t for you—especially if you like playing online against strangers. On the other hand, moderate to hardcore players are going to find a lot to absorb in Street Fighter X Tekken, and players with patience will be rewarded for it.
Nick TanFeb 03, 2012
That said, Street Fighter X Tekken is among the most enjoyable fighters I've played in a long time, especially in co-op and Scramble Mode with some friends over (I've already taken names with my Abel/King team). Online mode is no slouch either, though the replay value could have been extended with a longer Mission Mode and a better acquisition system for gems. Still, it shows that Capcom is more than capable of pulling off a tag team crossover that really shouldn't have worked. It makes me wonder whether Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat will finally become a reality.
Steven HopperMar 05, 2012
Street Fighter X Tekken is a fantastic fighting game that nails the basic fighting mechanics while daring to take a few risks with the formula as we know it; the pressure is on Namco Bandai to deliver something better with Tekken X Street Fighter.
Edge StaffMar 09, 2012
SFXT successfully combines the best of the most popular 2D and 3D fighting games in the world, proves Capcom’s most newcomer-friendly fighter, and boasts a combat system of bewildering depth. If any company was going to move the genre forward, it seems fitting that it’s the one that invented it.
Maxwell McGeeMar 05, 2012
Street Fighter X Tekken provides complex combat in an inviting package. The fighting genre needs to become accessible to a wider range of players, and this game takes an important step in the right direction. Accessibility that doesn't come at the expense of variety is a smart move and sets this fun and flashy fighter apart from the pack.
Simon ParkinMar 05, 2012
Capcom is often charged with failing to substantially innovate in its iterative fighting games. Street Fighter x Tekken is a sucker-punch to the stomach of that accusation, revealing a design team drunk on ideas. It's vibrant and exciting - although, of course, with the sheer number of variables now in play, it's entirely possible that players will find exploits to upset the fine balance of the game, requiring some of the iterative work for which Capcom is so well known.
Mike ChannellMar 05, 2012
Even the overly long load times can't overshadow what is a fantastically substantial fighting game. If Marvel vs Capcom 3 was too wacky for your tastes, this sits comfortably between it and Street Fighter IV on the lunacy spectrum. The tag mechanic is brilliantly robust, there are loads of new moves to master and the Tekken characters slot in more comfortably than a bum in a favourite armchair. Welcome to your new favourite fighting game.
Scott DixonMar 29, 2012
While drawing heavily from SF4, Street Fighter X Tekken tries hard to stake its claim to an original (albeit still Street Fighter inspired) fighting game experience. Unfortunately this can leave fans of the Tekken series alienated.
TrittlesApr 10, 2012
Ultimately, the marks against this joyous union are few and -- in most cases -- have the potential to be remedied. Street Fighter X Tekken manages what I had previously thought unthinkable: merging the personalities, rosters and history of two stalwart franchises into one enjoyable package. If you have love for either brand of fisticuffs and you've got some friends to fight within close proximity, I can't recommend this highly enough.
Paul KautzMar 09, 2012
Meine beiden Lieblings-Prügelserien in einem Spiel! Wer hätte gedacht, dass ich das noch erleben würde, wo die beiden doch so grundverschieden sind, dass sie eigentlich unvereinbar erscheinen. Und in gewisser Weise sind sie das auch, denn obwohl SFXT hier scheinbar das Ei des Kolumbus gefunden hat, hat der Tekken-Part nicht viel mit Tekken zu tun - klar, die Kämpfer und ihre Stile sind vertraut, aber die Steuerung ist ganz klar Street Fighter.
DharnMar 09, 2012
Accessible, fun et très spectaculaire tout en restant suffisamment complexe pour intéresser les fans de jeux de combat, Street Fighter X Tekken est certainement à ce jour l'un des meilleurs cross-over de Capcom. Que l'on soit un véritable killer ou un parfait débutant, ce titre coloré et dynamique mérite largement le détour en dépit de ses DLC abusifs.
Maxime ChaoMar 11, 2012
Le pari était osé, le défi relevé, mais Capcom a de nouveau fait parler son talent et son savoir-faire pour marier deux séries qui n’ont in fine pas grand-chose en commun. En reprenant le code de Street Fighter IV, Capcom a réussi à insuffler de la vie dans les persos – fades – de Tekken, et s’est appuyé sur certains éléments de gameplay de la licence de Namco pour apporter une nouvelle dynamique.
Filippo FacchettiMar 07, 2012
Il primo festival del pugno organizzato da Capcom con Street Fighter X Tekken, quindi, si rivela essere un titolo dalle dinamiche interessanti, seppur appesantito da un numero esagerato di elementi a volte di dubbia utilità. La realizzazione tecnica convincente e il gameplay divertente lo rendono un titolo adatto sia ai giocatori alle prime armi che ai maestri dell'arcade stick. Peccato per le brutte prestazione offerte dal netcode, che ci auguriamo vengano risolte al più presto con una patch mirata
Alwin WubsMar 06, 2012
Street Fighter X Tekken is niet zomaar Street Fighter IV met Tekken-personages. Het doet meer dan genoeg nieuwe dingen om fans van beide series aan te spreken, hoewel gezegd moet worden dat SF nog steeds de overhand viert. Helemaal niet erg, want de gameplay staat als een huis en de vele tutorials maken dit een perfect instappunt voor iedereen die zich aan fighters of SF wil wagen.