Sonic Unleashed for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Sonic Unleashed

Nov 20, 2008
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Developer: Sonic Team
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Having been broken apart by the evil Dr Eggman, it's down to Sonic to put the pieces of the world back together again by retrieving the power of the chaos emeralds. In doing so, Sonic will find himself in a race against time and faced with an unusual situation that will challenge him in ways never before seen. By completing a wide variety of action-packed stages, spanning the seven broken continents of the world, gamers will need to unleash Sonic's amazing abilities to save the world, and himself!

Critic Reviews

9 Reviews
Adam BrownNov 24, 2008
Despite the game’s clumsy story progression and repetitive werehog combat, it manages to be the best Sonic game released in recent memory. This is thanks mostly to the excellent hedgehog levels that evoke memories of classic Sonic titles while still managing to feel fresh and new.
Alan KimDec 03, 2008
The main character’s name is SONIC – it’s a reference to how fast he can run. Why must the game include all this other random crap, especially when it isn’t all that polished anyhow? We understand that Sonic runs through levels so quickly that a game without excess junk would be shorter.
Jim SterlingNov 30, 2008
All Sonic Team needed to do was to maintain the sheer fun and thrill that makes up roughly 40% of the experience and we'd be looking at a must-have title, and a score verging on a ten. As it stands, silly mistakes and ignorant design choices have trashed this game's hopes of being anything more than a decent rental at best.

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