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Tom OrryJul 07, 2010
Surprises don't come along too often in the video game industry, but Singularity definitely isn't the flop everyone expected it to be. With a bit more ingenuity in the puzzles, more made of the time travel and a little more graphical "oomph", Raven and Activision could have had a real gem on their hands. It's still well worth a look though, especially when it inevitably gets cut in price a few weeks down the line.
Jeff GerstmannJul 08, 2010
So yeah, what passes for puzzles in the world of Singularity could have been done better, and little things like the way you have to stand near audio logs in order to hear them (which slows down the pace of the game a bit) are sort of annoying. But the action is solid and the story is interesting enough to make Singularity worth checking out.
Ludwig KietzmannJul 28, 2010
There's a fun shooter, exciting powers and some neat weapons in there, but it never quite comes together thanks to dull levels and half-baked puzzles. It's a new IP and certainly a riskier proposition than Activision's golden goose, but I'd hate for this to be the last and only word on the series.
Kevin VanOrdJun 28, 2010
Singularity isn't a groundbreaking shooter, but it's an incredibly fun one. This is an example of how fluid pacing and a tongue-in-cheek attitude can make old conventions exciting again. Disappointing visuals and a smattering of minor flaws keep this first-person shooter from feeling completely modern, but not every game must probe the human soul to achieve greatness. Singularity achieves it with variety, moving you from one enjoyable sequence to the next without lingering too long on any given moment.
John FunkJul 15, 2010
What Singularity does, it does well. It has some nifty weapons, an intriguing story that keeps you wanting to find out what happens next, and some great puzzles and firefights. The TMD is one of the most fantastic "gimmick gadgets" in a game this side of Half-Life 2's gravity gun. It's not particularly original, occasionally gets repetitive, and the main storyline is fairly short, but it's a solid and entertaining effort that you'll probably enjoy more than you think you will.
Adam BrownJun 29, 2010
While I’m not entirely sure, Singularity clearly avoided any major missteps that could have derailed its entertaining experience. The single-player campaign is great and the multiplayer component is a nice little addition, although you likely won’t feel compelled to spend a ton of time with it. Raven Software has made a fun game here, be sure to check it out if you have any interest in spending some time with an FPS over the summer.
Andrew ReinerJun 29, 2010
I jokingly told my co-workers that Singularity is more BioShock 2 than BioShock 2. While meant as a subtle jab at Singularity’s “borrowed” designs, this statement relates to finding a gaming experience that transports players to a new world filled with discovery and the unexpected. Singularity’s greatest shared quality with BioShock is Raven’s realization that gamers want new experiences, not another taste of the same trending flavor.
Jim SterlingJul 11, 2010
Singularity is a game that manages to feel like its own thing despite being pieced together from previous FPS games, and if you want a great Summer shooter full of violent toys and silly super powers, then you won't get much better than this. Quite possibly the best new FPS of the year so far.
Craig SnowAug 06, 2010
The campaign is short, the multiplayer almost throwaway, the graphics average and the gameplay little more than solid. Singularity offers nothing truly new or distinctive, but despite all of its flaws it is enjoyable. It’s hard to recommend given how crowded the genre is with games that clearly better it, but I do encourage those who rent games to add this to their list, or otherwise wait for a price cut, because, despite its abject lack of originality, it is worth playing.
Tom BramwellJun 25, 2010
It's the first game I've played in ages that realises first-person shooters can bundle in as much philosophy and as many moral dilemmas as they like, but fundamentally they're still about shooting monsters in the face, and so what it lacks in originality it makes up for in variety, pacing and exuberance. First-person shooters are always silly! Well done to Raven for making one that likes being silly.
Salva FernándezJun 30, 2010
No es demasiado largo, unas 8 horas, aunque goza de tres niveles de dificultad y poder ver tres finales distintos. A esto se le añade un multijugador simple y que parece ser un añadido más que otra cosa, así como algunos fallos técnicos (sobre todo a nivel de texturas) en medio de un apartado audiovisual notable. Estos detalles no empañan un juego que en términos generales tiene el gran atractivo de construir un universo que atrapa gracias a su narrativa, similar a la de Bioshock, y una jugabilidad sencilla. Pero distinta y, sobre todo, divertida.
Juan Francisco BellónJul 05, 2010
En definitiva, estamos ante un producto sólido, con una buena historia y un notable diseño artístico. Con carencias más que evidentes pero que no empañan el buen trabajo realizado por Raven. Lástima que la aventura no dure un poquito más y algún que otro enemigo no se aproveche del todo. Singularity no es título excelente en todos sus apartados, pero divierte y sobre todo en ningún momento se hace pesado. No creo que pille a nadie por sorpresa si el juego no entra en la lista de los mejores del año, pero es una buena opción ante la falta de títulos veraniegos.
Álvaro CastellanoJun 28, 2010
Por lo que respecta al audio, éste es otro apartado que se mueve en la misma línea que el resto de facetas del título. La música es la adecuada, los efectos de audio cumplen muy bien sus obligaciones, y el doblaje a nuestro idioma raya a un buen nivel. Singularity es una sorpresa, y muy agradable. Estamos ante un muy buen shooter en primera persona que logra su personalidad merced al uso de los poderes temporales de su protagonista, y que mezcla con inteligencia diversidad en los combates y ágil resolución de puzles.
Jean-Baptiste RecoletJul 02, 2010
Prometteur sur le papier, le dernier titre de Raven Software se montre malheureusement beaucoup moins fun et novateur que prévu, manette en main. La faute à des combats manquant cruellement de punch mais surtout à un concept de manipulation temporelle qui aurait gagné à être mieux exploité. Véritable pierre angulaire du gameplay, le fameux gant ne s'avère être finalement qu'un gadget, certes sympathique, mais bien loin du révolutionnaire joujou que l'on pouvait espérer.
HiroJun 25, 2010
La note paraîtra sans doute sévère à certains, mais le fait est que Singularity n'est finalement qu'un FPS de plus, sympathique, plein de bonne volonté, mais beaucoup plus convenu qu'il ne cherche à le faire croire. Ses bonnes idées ne donnent pas lieu à de véritables situations inédites, aussi bien au combat que dans les séquences de "réflexion". Le titre ne livre en effet que quelques rares moments de bravoure, perdu au milieu d'un océan de fusillades un petit peu trop molles pour leur propre bien. On traversera donc l'aventure sans réel déplaisir, mais sans jamais grimper aux rideaux non plus. Dommage.
Daniele CucchiarelliJul 01, 2010
Sono riuscito a convincervi della bontà di questo gioco? Spero proprio di sì, perché se doveste decidere di ignorarlo rischiereste di perdervi uno dei titoli più interessanti di questo inizio estate. Non è rimasto molto da giocare in giro, e se avete esplorato ogni centimetro del west di RDR e consumato anche i cerchioni delle vetture di Split/Second e Blur, vi restano poche alternative. Questa è sicuramente una delle migliori.
Eke BosmanJul 07, 2010
Singularity is gewoon een goede game. Het is misschien een standaard first-person shooter met weinig bijzonderheden - op de TMD na - maar dat bederft het plezier niet. Dus mocht je gewetenloos lekker willen schieten en gaat plezier boven perfectionisme, dan kun je deze game met een gerust hart in huis halen.
Petter HegevallJun 24, 2010
För min egen del är Singularity utan någon som helst tvekan årets hittills största överraskning. Jag hade som sagt förväntat mig ett medelmåttigt spel kraftigt beroende av en gimmick-doftande spelmekanik. Istället fick jag en ljuvligt ombytlig och strukturellt retroskön actionexplosion som jag håller givetvis rekommenderar till dig som liksom jag älskade Bioshock, Prey och Half-Life 2. Gillar du actionspel bör du definitivt ge Singularity en chans. Likaså om du kanske tappat tron i genren och vill se något fräsch. Det är sällan action, äventyr, pussel och story gifter sig så här bra och bildar en så övertygande helhet.