Singularity for Xbox 360
Xbox 360


Jun 29, 2010
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Developer: Raven Software
Content Rating: Mature


Strange and alarming activities have recently been detected at a top-secret Russian military research base on a remote island off the coast of Siberia. Fearing another Chernobyl disaster, your job as a U.S. Special Forces Operative, is to learn the truth behind the island of Katorga-12, the site of Soviet experimentation in the 1950’s that led to a catastrophic SINGULARITY, an event that fractured time itself. You’ll soon discover this island is at the center of a massive Russian cover-up that threatens the world as we know it. Armed with powerful advanced weapons from the island and the experimental Time Manipulation Device, you’ll fight enemies from the past, the future, and abominations caught somewhere between time and reality.

Critic Reviews

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Tom OrryJul 07, 2010
Surprises don't come along too often in the video game industry, but Singularity definitely isn't the flop everyone expected it to be. With a bit more ingenuity in the puzzles, more made of the time travel and a little more graphical "oomph", Raven and Activision could have had a real gem on their hands. It's still well worth a look though, especially when it inevitably gets cut in price a few weeks down the line.
Jeff GerstmannJul 08, 2010
So yeah, what passes for puzzles in the world of Singularity could have been done better, and little things like the way you have to stand near audio logs in order to hear them (which slows down the pace of the game a bit) are sort of annoying. But the action is solid and the story is interesting enough to make Singularity worth checking out.
Ludwig KietzmannJul 28, 2010
There's a fun shooter, exciting powers and some neat weapons in there, but it never quite comes together thanks to dull levels and half-baked puzzles. It's a new IP and certainly a riskier proposition than Activision's golden goose, but I'd hate for this to be the last and only word on the series.

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