Shadow Complex for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Shadow Complex

Aug 19, 2009

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Content Rating: Teen


Shadow Complex is the story of Jason Fleming and his girlfriend Claire. While camping in the wilderness, Claire sets off to explore a nearby cavern and unwittingly stumbles upon a shocking surprise: an underground and heavily militarized base of a mysterious group known as the Progressive Restoration. Taken prisoner by representatives of the organization she is dragged into the bowls of a mountain, which soon incites the worried Jason to come searching for her.

Critic Reviews

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Steve HannleyAug 18, 2009
Shadow Complex is an incredibly solid game that could fetch $30-40 as a retail copy. While it isn’t the longest game out there (you should be able to complete the game in under 8 hours), the fact that it’s a mere $15 makes the game a must-buy for any 360 owner. With titles like Shadow Complex and Braid, XBLA has been quickly shifting from a place for retro ports to a showcase for some of the best indie and labor-of-love projects in the gaming industry.
A straightforward run through can be completed in under five hours, but you’ll want to take your time to fully explore every brilliant nook and cranny to extend the fun. The already high replay value is bolstered by challenge missions that can be tackled at your leisure. Chair Entertainment has substantially raised the bar for downloadable games to come and helped us rediscover a long lost love in the process.
jkdmediaAug 19, 2009
Shadow Complex ends the Summer of Arcade on an unbelievable high note, delivering a retro-inspired romp that will thrill any gamer with a pulse. Does it have any flaws? Sure, as some of the elements might feel a bit too familiar to long time side-scrolling fanatics and the absence of cooperative play really stings the trigger fingers. But at only $15, Shadow Complex is an absolute must-buy, offering an experience that exceeds the quality found in most disk-based 360 releases.

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