Saints Row for Xbox 360
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Saints Row

Aug 29, 2006
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Developer: Volition Inc.
Content Rating: Mature


Under threat from rival gangs and corrupt officials the 3rd Street Saints must conquer the city of Stilwater or face destruction. From the spectacular opening battle to regain control of the local hood Saints Row offers the freedom to explore StilWater a living breathing city. Players are free to engage in the multitude of different activates at their leisure all while building up respect in a gameplay-rich world. Build enough respect and the 3rd Street Saint's lieutenants will trust the player with more dangerous missions.

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Ryan McCaffreyJul 25, 2012
Still, Saints Row gets almost everything right that its fellow contenders for the Grand Theft Auto throne could not. It looks good, plays great, offers plenty to do and it's even funny at times - though in a much cruder way than GTA's more sly, subversively socially relevant sense of humor. While no one may ever crack the GTA Coca-Cola code, Saints Row proves that there's plenty of room in the market for the Pepsis of the world too.
Tom OrrySep 01, 2006
Originality is great, but with that illusive new idea becoming harder and harder to find, well made imitators (especially in a genre that rarely gets it right) can't be sniffed at. Saints Row even manages to show GTA a thing or two, and deserves a place in the collection of anyone old enough to play it.
jkdmediaAug 31, 2006
Aping all of the things we love about the Grand Theft Auto series, Saint’s Row is an Xbox 360 game that is definitely not very original but is still one hell of a fun ride. While you can point out a number of elements taken from San Andreas, the game does try to bring its own sense of style plus a robust online multiplayer to make this a Grade A gangsta-themed imitator with a lot going for it. If you can only buy one 360 action title this summer, make it Saint’s Row.
Greg KasavinAug 29, 2006
Games don't have to be different to be great. What makes Saints Row appealing straight off the bat is that, assuming you're familiar with the wildly successful GTA series, you'll know exactly what you're getting into from the moment you jack your first car in this game. And the experience must have been deliberately designed with this in mind. By playing with a few of GTA's storytelling and design conventions, and addressing a few of the gameplay issues we've come to expect as a necessary part of the GTA formula, Saints Row earns its own colors and makes for a welcome addition to just about any R-rated-movie-watching Xbox 360 owner's library.
Game TrailersAug 29, 2006
Lots of games have implemented GTA’s free-roaming aesthetic since it came out in 2001, but Saints Row is the first game to copy Grand Theft Auto directly. It gets away with it for three reasons: one, it looks better than GTA ever did, two, it has insane online multiplayer that GTA4 will hopefully copy, and three, GTA was a gratuitously rewarding experience to begin with. So as long as someone at least sticks to the rules that Rockstar wrote, they’re bound to build a game with a metropolis full of unique opportunities.
D'Marcus BeattyAug 29, 2006
Saint’s Row has surprised many gamers with its fun factor. If players can get beyond the fact that the game has obviously made a trip through San Andreas before arriving on the 360, they’ll find a game that is both fun and fulfilling even if it’s a clone.
Douglass C. PerryAug 28, 2006
Volition's Saints Row is an impressive game --in most respects. The core missions, side missions, the controls and flow of the game, the graphics and sound, they're all solid and smartly designed. This game feels and plays better than most, if not all, of the other GTA clones.
Kristan ReedSep 01, 2006
So, it may lack the scope of Rockstar's finest and has a few multiplayer issues to sort out, but Saints Row is still a decent game with a lot going for it. Sure, it's probably the most morally bankrupt game we've ever come across, but if you delight in extreme violence, language that would make Tarantino blush and a more forgiving take on the GTA theme then you've come to the right game. Throw in some excellent mini games, multiplayer diversions, a huge array of customisation options and excellent production values and Saints Row is easily a strong enough game in its own right to survive the inevitable comparisons.
DinowanAug 25, 2006
Quelque part, on aurait tout de même souhaité que Saint's Row en fasse plus, plus sur le contenu afin d'égaler ou de dépasser les autres jeux du genre (superficie, nombre d'activités, présence des deux roues etc.), plus aussi sur la technique car s'il reste fort esthétique, on sait que la console aurait pu aller un peu plus loin et surtout se départir du clipping. Nonobstant, Saint's Row est addictif, souple, et même séduisant. Alors que les amateurs du GTA-Like ne se posent pas trop de questions, ils tiennent un bon représentant.

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