Rocksmith 2014 for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Rocksmith 2014

Oct 22, 2013

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Content Rating: Teen


Rocksmith 2014 Edition is the fastest way to learn guitar. Plug in any real guitar or bass and join over 1 million people who have learned with the award-winning Rocksmith method. This official sequel is bigger, better, and faster than ever. Rebuilt from the ground-up, you’ll experience new modes, vastly improved features, a new look, more flexible and deeper practice tools, new techniques and tunings, over 50 new hit songs, and much more.

Critic Reviews

11 Reviews
Frank NareshOct 26, 2013
The biggest issue you may run into is that you may not have your own electric guitar, but buy one, rent one, or borrow one from your school or a friend, it will be worth it. For those that think Rocksmith 2014 Edition is merely just an update with new songs, grab your axe and be prepared to be blown away.
Donny TarinOct 22, 2013
A fantastic tuition tool that lets you plug a real guitar into your console and learn great songs note-for note. Audio lag on the guitar input spoils a lot of the fun and you'll gets lots of practice tuning up, but otherwise this is a worthwhile package for a budding Hendrix.
Jessica VazquezOct 31, 2013
If you are looking for an educational and fun way to learn guitar, Rocksmith 2014 can definitely give you what you want. The tutorial videos have been upgraded, the Guitarcade is more badass, and the riff repeater mode is flawless. The only downside is tuning ,which can be a bit too overbearing at times. For those of you who loved the original Rocksmith setlist, you can import all of the on-disk songs from the last game for $9.99, but any DLC purchased for the original game will automatically sync to your game.

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