Rock Band for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Rock Band

Nov 20, 2007
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Developer: Harmonix
Content Rating: Teen


Rock Band allows gamers to perform music from the world’s biggest rock artists with their friends as a virtual band using drum, bass/lead guitar and microphone peripherals, in addition to offering deep online connectivity. Built on deals with the world’s biggest record labels and music publishers, the music featured in Rock Band spans all genres of rock and include many of the master recordings from the biggest songs and artists of all time.

Critic Reviews

7 Reviews
Tom OrryJun 11, 2008
It's all wrapped up with some superb visuals too, even if you'll hardly get time to watch the virtual band performing behind the fast moving on-screen icons. If you're unlikely to play with friends Rock Band is hard to recommend, with Guitar Hero being the more sensible option, but if you're planning plenty of get-togethers, Rock Band will provide more than enough enjoyment to warrant its price tag.
Nick ChesterNov 19, 2007
Truly, Rock Band is really more than the sum of its parts. Taken individually, everything is a solid from top to bottom, yet nothing is quite perfect. If you're planning to buy the game and play it in your basement alone with a bag of Cheetos, Rock Band might not be for you. But in the company of friends who are willing to take the plunge and hop into a role, there's absolutely nothing that comes close to it on the market, be it in the music/rhythm genre or otherwise.
Dan AmrichJun 24, 2012
You once again match the notes on screen to the buttons on your guitar - this time, a black Fender Stratocaster with built-in effects and five extra buttons high up on the neck, intended for solo pyrotechnics. If you dutifully march through the single-player campaigns, you'll enjoy the variety of venues, the realistic animations, and the loading screens that illustrate your rise to fame. But playing solo misses the whole point.

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