Prototype for Xbox 360
Xbox 360


Jun 9, 2009
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Content Rating: Mature


In Prototype, players take control of Alex Mercer – a dark, genetically mutated shape-shifter with no memory of his past, hell-bent on solving the mystery of his existence as he tears through a densely populated New York City moving with Parkour-style fluidity and consuming anything that gets in his way.

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Andrew ReinerSep 22, 2009
From its old school design to its gameplay struggles, Prototype resembles a superhero who leapt off a building only to realize he doesn't possess the power to fly. I hate to say it, but picture a frustrating Spider-Man game, and you have a good idea of what this experience has to offer.
Destructoid StaffJun 18, 2009
Character models for nearly all foes and civilians are bland and poorly animated. It doesn't much matter because the game succeeds in making you feel awesome. It's full of moments where you perform something for the first time and it's just so brutal that you get a little giddy. He may not be unstoppable but Alex Mercer is more than capable. It's a blast to play and I had a great time from start to finish. Absolutely worth playing.
Game TrailersJun 12, 2009
Prototype is one of those rare games where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. It concentrates on the relationship between the player and Alex instead of Alex and the other characters in the game. If you’re not cool with that, be warned. The controls are tight, though a little complex, but that’s only because there’s so much to dig into. It’s a little ragged around the edges, but if you’re looking for a great way to unwind after a long day, boot up Prototype for some serious therapy.

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