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Project Gotham Racing 3

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brianekNov 18, 2005
Project Gotham Racing 3 isn't the longest game in the world; indeed, the majority of its long-term value will be via Xbox Live play. Still, for pure style, speed, and immersion, grabbing a seat in any of PGR 3's intricately modeled high-speed rigs and tearing through the streets is what the next generation of gaming is all about. All that's missing is the smell of burnt rubber and the feel of the wind whipping through your hair.
Vaughn SmithNov 21, 2005
PGR3 isn't perfect and it doesn't feel quite as on top of it's game when compared to PGR2 but we'll chalk that up to rushing to meet the launch deadline. Project Gotham Racing 3 is still a gorgeous looking engrossing racer which will have you coming back for 'just one more try' and that's what's important.
Douglass C. PerryNov 15, 2005
Microsoft and Bizarre Creations have fashioned a beautiful, fast-moving racer in a style Xbox gamers are all too familiar with. The game is gorgeous, deep in modes and challenges, and well balanced, even if it's nothing more than a minor leap in gameplay over its predecessor. On the one hand that doesn't bother me a bit. The game wasn't broken before, and now it's more accessible. It's even fatter with modes and online gameplay and challenges, credits, medals, kudos, and trophies than before.
GamesRadar_ USFeb 15, 2006
PGR3 hasn't moved from its niche. At its core, it's still pure PGR, a savvy and standalone mixture of real form and hyper-real function - but it's been transformed into a wondrous and rewarding beauty spot. It further closes the gaps between player, pad, console and TV by offering something so luxuriously pliant and gratifying for all standards of player, and sits comfortably among the advantages of high-definition gaming - as was likely to be expected from such a series.
OXMDec 14, 2005
Gotham 3 is not a huge leap forward from what Gotham 2 offered in content or look, but it is a decent-sized step up that makes it Xbox 360's star launch game
Tom BramwellNov 22, 2005
PGR3's is a slightly flawed but overwhelmingly engaging framework for an already excellent skew on the driving models we're traditionally used to, and there's little else I'm going to turn to on Xbox Live for a significant time to come. But when I answered my friend's questions yesterday I simply said that it's like playing PGR2 on a system that can do it justice - and that comes close to summing it up.
RivaolNov 17, 2005
Sans surprise, Project Gotham Racing 3 se veut très séduisant et vous épargnera des crises de nerfs puisque sa jouabilité est sans réelle faille. Facile à prendre en mains donc et avançant de belles capacités graphiques (malgré l'aliasing omniprésent et le détail de certaines textures un peu douteux), ce titre est sans conteste un bon compromis entre arcade et simulation. En dépit d'une durée de vie légèrement en deçà de ce que l'on attendait, on a du mal à décrocher une fois au volant des petits bijoux de cet opus.