Nier for Xbox 360
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Apr 27, 2010
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Developer: Cavia
Content Rating: Mature


Nothing is as it seems in this action adventure game, set in a crumbling world plagued by disease and dark, unrecognizable creatures. Players assume the role of the unyielding protagonist, Nier, resolute in his quest to discover a cure for his daughter, who is infected with the Black Scrawl virus. With powerful allies and a mysterious book, Nier encounters things that will confound even the mightiest of warriors.

Critic Reviews

19 Reviews
Alex DonaldsonMay 07, 2010
Diverse is a good word to describe Nier in general – or perhaps eclectic. On the surface from the opening sequences or perhaps if you merely watched somebody else play the game might seem mediocre and boring – and it is in places – but the interesting mixture of multiple gameplay styles, bizarre but delightful story and superb soundtrack more than make up for the issues and, yes – pushes Nier to be above average.
Greg TitoMay 11, 2010
Nier delivers all of the facets that make up a successful action role-playing game: fun combat, diverse characters, good voice-acting, and addictive quest mechanics. It just doesn't do any of them excellently. Fan of Square-Enix, action RPGs or chicks swearing while wearing underwear? Buy Nier and be amazed. Otherwise, pick it up on a down week or from the bargain bin.
Jonathan MarxApr 27, 2010
Nier is a game that will undoubtedly appeal to a handful of RPG enthusiasts because of the interesting story that is told. But, for almost everyone else, this is a slapdash effort that fails to make good on its promise and falls into a pit full of worn-out RPG conventions.

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