Mighty No. 9 for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Mighty No. 9

Jun 21, 2016
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Developer: Comcept
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Mighty No. 9 stars an android named Beck, the ninth unit in a set of combat robots called the Mighty Number. At some point a form of computer virus attacks the rest of his fellow units, as well as machines around the world. The player, as Beck, must fight the rogue robots and discover the final villain who threatens the fate of the planet. Alongside Beck is his partner, Call.

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Taylor HidalgoJul 02, 2016
Mighty No. 9 does succeed at doing things, but makes them hardly worth doing. Victory is celebrated to spite the frustration, stages are designed to spite the player, and bosses have mechanics that will put themselves at advantages that just feel exhausting. At the end of a long session of play, where it should inspire, Mighty No. 9 just tires. In spite, tragically, of the groundwork for what could be a good game.
gamesTMJul 29, 2016
Levels become a war of attrition, a carnival of your own suffering as you move through levels desperately trying to learn and navigate every threat before it kills you. Die too many times? Back to the start you go. While it can feel rewarding to eventually squash a boss, you’ll very rarely be having fun while doing so – and that’s a feeling that carries through the entire experience.
Kieran HarrisJun 20, 2016
While it may lack the charm and originality of the platformers of yesteryear, Beck's first full length adventure is still an enjoyable one. It's a title that's crammed with a number of memorable locations, power ups and boss battles, and it contains enough additional content to keep you occupied hours after its main story.

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