Medal of Honor for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Medal of Honor

Oct 12, 2010
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Developer: Danger Close Games
Content Rating: Mature


Medal of Honor leaves the WWII theater and enters the modern day setting of war-torn Afghanistan seen though the lens of a small band of fictional characters. The new Medal of Honor introduces players to the Tier 1 Operator, an elite warrior and relatively unknown instrument of the U.S. Military that operates under the National Command Authority, taking on missions no one else can handle. In addition to a full single-player campaign mode, developer EALA has enlisted Battlefield creator EA DICE to supply the multiplayer experience of Medal of Honor.

Critic Reviews

22 Reviews
Steve HaskeOct 12, 2010
Paying tribute to our brave men and women in uniform—who often go through situations that are unimaginable to all of us sitting at home with controllers in our hands—is a great thing. The step that EA has taken towards establishing a precedent for exploring topical subject matter in a video game may be a small one, but it’s still important. But almost everything else about Medal of Honor, while enjoyable, makes it hard to shake the feeling of playing just another military shooter.
Chris WattersOct 12, 2010
Tier One mode offers an accessible yet formidable challenge, and the competitive multiplayer captures the brutal intensity of a battlefield where one errant move can result in your abrupt death. Medal of Honor doesn't set any new standards for the genre, but it delivers a lot of entertainment and excitement if you're looking to add a splash of realism to your first-person shooting.
Andrew YoonOct 12, 2010
So, here comes the hard part of the review. In any other genre, a stellar single player experience would be enough to garner a whole-hearted recommendation. But it's impossible to ignore the importance of multiplayer, especially when Medal of Honor's primary competitor tends to excel at both. Medal of Honor's campaign is an exceptional experience, but the total package simply doesn't beat Call of Duty.

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