Mass Effect for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Mass Effect

Nov 20, 2007
26th of 1221

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Developer: BioWare
Content Rating: Mature


You are Commander Shepard of the SS Normandy, an elite agent in humanity’s Systems Alliance Military. Explore the galaxy with your hand picked squad of combat, tech and biotic specialists as you race against time to stop a madman bent on galactic destruction. Download new systems and worlds to visit! Meet new characters and encounter never before seen alien species! Find new weapons, armor and items as you experience a whole new adventure!

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Jan 27, 2021
One of the best RPGs of all time. A compelling sci-fi world, memorable characters, intriguing stories, diverse dialogue and character development options ... it's the total package. Essential.
Ant Peach Giang

Ant Peach Giang

Feb 16, 2021


May 13, 2021
Luis Vargas

Luis Vargas

Mar 31, 2021
Logan deDelley

Logan deDelley

Feb 20, 2021


Jan 8, 2021

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Kevin VanOrdNov 19, 2007
All told, Mass Effect is a great game with moments of brilliance and a number of small but significant obstacles that hold it back from reaching its true potential. But in the end, if you like RPGs and want to spend some time in an absorbing sci-world populated with a bunch of unique inhabitants, you'll definitely have plenty of fun with this one.
Anthony BurchDec 01, 2007
All in all, Mass Effect is a good game which will disappoint nearly everyone who plays it. Immensely flawed in its design choices, but absolutely fantastic in its attention to character and atmosphere, Mass Effect is enjoyable, but not a masterpiece; entertaining, but not revolutionary; epic and emotionally involving, but disappointing. It is not a great game -- but it is, generally, a good one.
Jonathan MarxNov 20, 2007
If you're looking for a title that tells a great story, is loaded with content, has a surprising amount of re-playability due to customization, and will keep you glued to your couch, Mass Effect is a great choice. It's unfortunate that the game has a mature rating and only comes out for the Xbox 360. If you're under 17 or are a Sony snob, you are going to miss out big time. For the rest of us it's smooth sailing across a galaxy full of adventure!

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