Madden NFL 25 for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Madden NFL 25

Aug 27, 2013
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Developer: EA Tiburon
Content Rating: Everyone


Unlock the power, precision, and creativity of the NFL ballcarrier. Whether you’re a slashing running-back, dual-threat QB, or ball-hawking safety, unleash 30 new moves and string together devastating combos with the all-new precision modifier. Become the ultimate sports tycoon as you take the reins of your favorite team in the all-new Connected Franchise. Also, with the addition of Infinity Engine 2 gameplay, an all-new mode in Ultimate Team, and the new Madden Share system, Madden NFL 25 celebrates twenty-five years of authenticity and innovation.

Critic Reviews

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Angelo M. D'ArgenioAug 23, 2013
Madden 25 is a brilliant addition to the Madden franchise. With its user generated-content system, its multiple single-player modes, and its new running mechanics, the replay value is honestly off the charts. It’s almost a shame that the title will become obsolete in another year because I could see this one Madden title support the entire Madden franchise for the rest of the next gaming generation. All you would need is a couple patches here and there, and the game would carry itself for years on its user-generated content alone.
Trevor HoustonAug 23, 2013
The Madden faithful will buy the game and likely won’t be disappointed; but that same group should also be left wondering if more could have been done to beef up the Madden experience and push the franchise even further. For now the franchise seems content to remain on cruise control.
Scott MarriotAug 23, 2013
The physics, animations, and AI are among the best this series has seen since its inception. The level of customization and flexibility offered to players is another bright spot, with users able to freely share rosters, sliders, and playbooks with the community. The interface is striking, and setting up online matches and leagues is seamless. While the changes may seem more like a layup over the crossbar than a Lambeau Leap, it still is, as Madden would say, one heck of a game.

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