Lost Planet 2 for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Lost Planet 2

May 11, 2010
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Developer: Capcom
Content Rating: Teen


A decade has passed since the events of Lost Planet, and the face of E.D.N. III has changed dramatically. Terraforming efforts have been successful and the ice has begun to melt, giving way to lush tropical jungles and harsh unforgiving deserts. Players will enter this new environment and follow the exploits of their own customized snow pirate on their quest to seize control of the changing planet. Players control their heroes across 6 interconnected episodes, creating a truly unique interactive experience that changes depending upon the actions of the players involved.

Critic Reviews

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Nick ChesterMay 13, 2010
It's downright frustrating, actually, as with even the slightest tweaks, Lost Planet 2 could have been another winner for Capcom, and the epic sequel fans had hoped for. As it stands, Lost Planet 2 is a shell of a potentially great game, brought down by bizarre, dated, and counterintuitive design decisions. And that's a shame.
Greg TitoMay 27, 2010
LP2 has most of the pieces for a great game, but it just doesn't put them all together correctly. Riding in a VS is fun, and the abundance of grenades and rocket launchers makes for some big explosions, and everyone loves blowing stuff up. I just wish that the story was a little more streamlined and, if the co-op was going to be the focus, it was a hell of a lot easier to find a group than it currently is.
Kevin VanOrdMay 07, 2010
Too many missions are either broken, tedious, or downright frustrating, and basic mechanics are focused on removing control from the player in lieu of providing a legitimate challenge. There should be a sense of triumph when you defeat a gigantic creature after a protracted struggle. In Lost Planet 2, you're just relieved that it's over.