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Game TrailersJul 19, 2010
With its fluid animations and hazy backdrops, Limbo leaps off the screen like a digital dream. The stark black and white imagery is Limbo's most striking feature, placing the silhouette of a little boy in a world of snapping traps, rising flood levels, and the always-deadly threat of gravity. With the only shred of story appearing in the Xbox Marketplace description, Limbo is a puzzle-platformer with that keeps it minimal.
Brad ShoemakerJul 19, 2010
Limbo has a transportive quality that's hard to articulate. It so expertly realizes both its internal gameplay logic and its prevailing aesthetic that it almost creates a sort of reverie as you play, fully removing you from your physical environment and plopping you into this cold, mesmerizing other land. Though you'll find it's a tough place to survive, it might also be one you're in no hurry to leave behind. The game is a masterpiece.
Jim SterlingJul 19, 2010
Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get. It's artistic without being pompous, difficult without being cheap, and violent without being gratuitous. It gets everything just right, and while the adventure will only take dedicated players a few hours to beat, the memory of the game will remain for much, much longer, and many players won't stop at beating the game just once. If I had to sum this game up in one word, I think that word would be "effective." That's what this game is, in every sense of the word.
Richard MitchellJul 19, 2010
Rewarding as they may be, though, the puzzles really serve as a means to an end. The actual meaning of Limbo, I think, lies in the journey itself. In that sense, it reminds me most of Out of This World or the original Prince of Persia, in that it truly takes you to another place, puts you in another person's shoes. Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.
Daemon HatfieldJul 19, 2010
Limbo establishes a strong connection with the player despite the lack of story, dialogue, text, or explanation. You've never seen anything quite like this. The black and white visuals make everything creepier and the animation is very smooth. The trial-and-death gameplay avoids being frustrating. Limbo always has a surprise waiting for you around the next corner. Limbo is an incredible achievement. Very few games are as original, atmospheric, and consistently brilliant as Limbo. It belongs in everybody's collection. The journey may be over too quickly, but you will be entertained every minute. This is one of my favorite games ever.
Susan ArendtJul 27, 2010
Limbo pulls off the nearly unthinkable by taking a well-worn genre as the 2d puzzle platformer and turning it into something surprising and fresh. Equal parts brains and beauty, it boasts both cleverly constructed challenges and a gorgeously distinctive look. Despite the fact that it commits two sins that many players find hard to forgive - it's not terribly long and is lacking in replay once you know exactly what to do - it's still an incredibly satisfying experience.
Tom Mc SheaJul 19, 2010
Limbo poses the questions of death versus life and reality versus dream, but it doesn't answer them. It's the questions that are important here, and you're left to contemplate the meaning of this world for yourself. Although this is a game without clear-cut answers, the lack of concrete explanations doesn't detract one bit from the overall experience. This is a delicately crafted adventure whose elements tie seamlessly together.
David HoughtonJun 24, 2012
If you like clever game design, intelligent horror, or well-realised artistry, you really have to play through Limbo. It's an immaculate production, as close to perfect as it gets, and it will stay with you for a very long time. But please take my advice. Turn the lights off, get rid of all distractions and play it alone. You should even go so far as turning your Xbox notifications off. Because Limbo deserves your full attention, and will reward it immensely from start to finish.
Emily GeraJul 19, 2010
Death never means restarting a level; it means you get a decent clean slate as the game reloads the puzzle for you and gives you go after go, and animation after animation of watching your character impaled in various ways. Limbo does what few games of any genre can do, which is trial and error without any of the actual tedium. It's a puzzle game that is littered with ideas and an artistic eye, but more importantly it understands the frustrations of repetition and makes failure enjoyable.
Nick PantazisJul 19, 2010
There’s nothing else like LIMBO on Xbox Live… no, there’s nothing else like it anywhere. It may not be the longest game ever made, but every second of the experience is of the highest quality. LIMBO is a hauntingly unique and unforgettable experience, worth every minute of your time.
John TetiJul 19, 2010
The trouble is that Limbo strays from the personal touch at its soul. One of its sweetest surprises came in the first couple seconds of play. I hit the jump button, and when my character landed, the controller vibrated. It's mild, yet it says a lot. It says that this is just a boy, not a futuristic robot or a genetic-freak hedgehog, so when he hits the ground with both feet, he feels it.
Eric WeissOct 18, 2010
Every moment of Limbo is incredible, so people are going to be talking about it for a while. It’s a game that you need to play if you’re hoping to keep up with the artistic conversation.
Xavi RoblesJul 23, 2010
Limbo tiene detalles brillantes, como el tratamiento sonoro o visual, o la ligera vibración del mando con cada acción, y algunos de sus puzzles son muy inteligentes. Pero le sobran cadenas y engranajes que acabarás por aborrecer porque son lo mismo de siempre y porque, en realidad, lo que queríamos era que nos ayudasen, aunque fuese un poco más, a seguir imaginando.
Álvaro CastellanoJul 22, 2010
Impecable artísticamente y con una carga emocional y atmosférica como pocas veces hemos visto, Playdead se pone en el mapa de los grandes estudios con un impresionante primer lanzamiento. ¿Qué le ha faltado? Por pedir echamos en falta algo más de duración y también más reto en los rompecabezas, dos aspectos que le hubieran venido muy bien a este Limbo para redondear su faceta jugable.
DinowanJul 27, 2010
Qu'il est bon de voir débouler de telles petites perles. Au milieu de jeux surproduits et multipliant les commandes, Limbo joue la carte de la simplicité graphique et ludique. Du noir, du blanc, du gris, deux boutons et pourtant il est plus riche que bien des titres multicolores exploitant toutes les touches d'un pad. On ne peut lui reprocher que sa durée de vie, mais on n'en a même pas envie. Incontournable.
Thomas MéreurJul 22, 2010
Déjà saisi par des graphismes 2D d'une finesse et d'une poésie rarissimes, Limbo finit de nous cueillir avec sa bande-son subtile et terriblement réussie. L'atmosphère à la fois naïve et cruellement mature qui se dégage du titre de PLAYDEAD est d'une richesse telle qu'on ne se lasse jamais de s'enfoncer dans les méandres de cette réalité monochrome aussi envoûtante que dérangeante.
Vítor AlexandreAug 23, 2010
Qualquer imagem de Limbo é uma excelente carta de entrada para um mundo denso e envolto numa infinita bruma de mistério que a Playdead, enquanto produtora, soube erguer com distinta nota de equilíbrio, puxando puzzle atrás de puzzle no meio de uma povoação inelutável de surpresas. É um atrevimento e um desafio que perdura para lá da vintena de capítulos. É como uma máquina de fazer chuva. Tem um “achievement” que se chama a(l)titude.
Marco MotturaJul 19, 2010
Così com'è Limbo rimane allora un'esperienza tutta da vivere, originale e decisamente consigliata a dispetto di un rapporto prezzo/durata discutibile (1200 Microsoft Points, quasi 14 Euro, per appena qualche ora di divertimento con rigiocabilità prossima allo zero) e di una portata ludica probabilmente meno sostanziosa rispetto alla grandiosa cosmesi. Non abbiate comunque paura e non fate troppi calcoli: vale davvero la pena di lasciarsi stregare dall'oscurità.
Joeri HertogsJul 26, 2010
Limbo kent geen ingewikkelde gameplay en de charme van het spel ligt dan ook in zijn eenvoud. Puzzelaars zullen zich meteen thuis voelen in de grimmige wereld van Limbo en ook mensen die minder bekend zijn met het puzzelgenre zullen de ervaring niet snel vergeten. Het is slechts zelden dat we een topspel van dit kaliber tegenkomen op de Xbox Live Arcade. Het is jammer dat Limbo slechts vier uur in beslag neemt, omdat het spel je achterlaat met een smaak naar meer.
Fredrik ErikssonJul 26, 2010
Ska jag komma med någon invändning är det att turen ner i helvetet är över lite för snabbt. Underbart är kort, helvetet likaså. För även om fyra fantastiska timmar är mer värt än 40 mediokra sådana går det inte att komma ifrån att fyra är lite... fattigt. Men resten är, som ni märker, lovord. Sommaren är svart, vit och helt oemotståndlig.