Killer is Dead for Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Killer is Dead

Aug 27, 2013
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Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Content Rating: Mature


KILLER IS DEAD™ is a brand new action title jointly developed by KADOKAWA GAMES and GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE, with SUDA51 lending his trademark sense of style at the helm. A reputable execution agency’s newest recruit, Mondo Zappa, takes center stage as he stalks and beheads a wide variety of heinous criminals all across the world (and even, perhaps, outside of it). As he settles into his new job, he also comes to terms with his own inner demons, balancing his talent for dispensing swift and brutal justice with his fleeting memories of a traumatic past, and peppering it all with his many sensual conquests.

Critic Reviews

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Marty SlivaAug 27, 2013
When compared to combat in games like DmC and Metal Gear Rising, Killer is Dead comes out feeling uninspired and underwhelming. The past few years have supplied us with more competent action games, more fully realized and stylish worlds, and much more interesting forays into marrying video games with mature sexual themes. Killer is Dead contains a handful of good ideas that are sadly marred by a wealth of technical flaws, tonal inconsistencies, and an offensively juvenile attitude toward sexuality.
Ben MooreAug 27, 2013
Killer is Dead never becomes anything more than a decent action game. The perpetual nonsense in the story isn’t remotely cohesive and the gigolo missions are nothing more than degrading distractions. While Killer is Dead often looks striking, the game’s other parts rarely match its outward style.
Mike WilliamsAug 30, 2013
The whole game can be polished off in ten hours. After that, the only replay value is in challenges and trying to get the highest grade in each level. Suda's creative vision oozes all over this title, but that doesn't save it from trite, boring gameplay that's been done better elsewhere. Add in an incoherent story and flat characters and you have a game that's only for Suda 51's hardcore fans.

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