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Game TrailersOct 13, 2010
In all, it's a complex recipe that just isn't prepared in the most appetizing way. The scant sparks of genius are enough to see you through to the end of the game's five-or-so hours, and the cliffhanger conclusion will leave you wanting more, provided the cool water effects are supported by a more thoughtful design the next time around
Jim SterlingSep 28, 2010
Hydrophobia isn't straight-up, unforgivably dreadful. It's mostly just boring, uninspired, and vapid. Were it not for the combat, one could get away with calling it an almost decent waste of time and money
Steve HaskeNov 16, 2010
Glitches and bugs are relatively uncommon, but between the navigational problems and uninspired gameplay, it just isn't very enjoyable. Being a huge fan of adventure games, and based on the quality of the HydroEngine, I really wanted to like this one more. But as it stands, you'd probably have more fun swimming in your local reservoir than playing this.
Ben GilbertSep 27, 2010
The water isn't even as impressive as you might expect. Though impressive rolling waves washed me from side to side, opening doors to dry rooms didn't change the water levels realistically, which means you can't necessarily expect waves to rush in from one room to put out a fire in another, for example
Joseph BarronOct 04, 2010
Unfortunately, the tension is regularly broken by poor dialogue and voice acting, as well as stereotypical supporting characters. While the physicality of the water creates an impressive and imposing atmosphere, there are too many minor issues that stack up against the overall experience and detract from what could have been a terrific survival horror game.
Martin GastonOct 06, 2010
Hydrophobia feels like a game truly out of place in modern gaming. Its occasionally obtuse puzzling and lengthy backtracking feels out of touch with common practices, and the horrendous signposting and unintuitive design effectively destroys any chance of it having a neat little vintage feel
Daemon HatfieldSep 28, 2010
Hydrophobia relies on its impressive water simulation to hold up an otherwise standard action game. It's definitely worth playing, though, and using the environment to creatively put down your enemies is quite satisfying
David WolinskySep 30, 2010
From the game-stretching fetch quests to the clanking camera to the clumsy cliffhanger ending, Hydrophobia just doesn’t feel like a finished game. The water is truly unique and special, but everything else feels too much like a soggy, overblown tech demo
Edge StaffSep 27, 2010
An experience lacking flavour, with a transparent design, the game shares many qualities with its elemental subject matter. It is entering a super-competitive environment, and its premium DLC will need to be something special to turn things around
Simon ParkinSep 30, 2010
The game fails to match its ambition, and, in its cumulative small failings, drags the player down into infuriation. By the moment you break the surface of the game's ending, much like its lead character, the abiding feeling is one of relief not enjoyment
Álvaro CastellanoSep 30, 2010
No es demasiado largo, no es demasiado impactante a nivel visual y, desde luego, tampoco es demasiado bueno... Hydrophobia se mueve entre lo aceptable, ofreciendo resultados muy discretos y sin brillar en ninguno de sus apartados
Josep Maria SempereJan 11, 2011
En el momento de su lanzamiento, con un precio de 1.200 MSP y numerosos errores de diseño, recomendar Hydrophobia era casi imposible. Ahora, tras la publicación del parche Pure y rebajado a 800 MSP, la situación cambia por completo: pasa a ser una aventura con toques de acción entretenida y bien llevada
LoganOct 06, 2010
Bien que la première moitié d'Hydrophobia soit plutôt réussie compte tenu des restrictions techniques engendrées par le format XBLA, le titre sombre rapidement dans une redite laborieuse. Les mêmes ficelles, utilisées jusqu'à plus soif, constituent alors l'épicentre du mode solo qui se termine rapidement
Vítor AlexandreJan 17, 2011
Porém o combate continua muito frustrante por força da péssima animação da protagonista e o reciclar de objectivos, não apaga o carácter simplista da obra. A correcção entretanto lançada melhorou significativamente a experiência, todavia os problemas estruturais continuam
Davide PersianiDec 29, 2010
In definitiva Hydrophobia Pure si dimostra dunque un prodotto di buona fattura, in grado di cancellare dalla mente di molti, compreso il sottoscritto, il senso di delusione suscitato dalla sua prima versione
Joeri HertogsOct 06, 2010
Hydrophobia is het eerste deel van een episodische nieuwe franchise en weet ondanks haar tekortkomingen toch een indruk na te laten. Het water steelt de show voor een beperkte duur dankzij de realistische weergave. Helaas kun je niet veel doen met het water waardoor de magie al snel wegebt


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